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Mother of Negar was worry, as if, she was inspired that bad thing has happened. She was walking in the room and had no comfort. She thought that Negar produced her anxiety. She called to Mr. R. but no one has answered her so she went there and saw his waiter who said her that he didn’t see her daughter and continued that Mr. R. travelled since a week ago and not returned yet. She called to Ms. Mehrani who cleverness declared that she was being uninformed and Mr. R. is a respected man and Negar didn’t gone there since he gone to abroad and told her that I thought he ran away with her boy friend. She declared that she being informed about an affluent boy who wanted to propose to her marries with him, but his family refused to do the same since Negar was so poor. She was sure that Negar’s boy friend made his decision to run away but it was better for Mother of Negar to keep silent until Ms. Mehrani to discover everything and forces him to marry with Negar.

Simple-minded mother begged her to find them. Ms. Mehrani was assured that her institution became notorious and she has to leave there the same day. However, she wanted to find pure and virgin girls for her goals. Therefore, she decided to close there and open another institution located at somewhere else. She wanted to ask someone else to continue her work.

She has intended to transfer her duties to her deputy to go on her business in Dubai bigger than before. She should keep Ms. Ansari quiet to provide time for herself to leave Iran.

Ms. Ansari was crying and cursing her husband that he made her daughters unlucky. Suddenly, someone knocked the door; she opened it and saw an unknown woman. Unknown woman introduced herself as Sima, a Family Consultant. Sima explained her that she has spoken with Neda in the detention house. Ms. Ansari invited her into home and left her to prepare tea. Father of Neda asked about that unknown woman and the reason of her presence. Ms. Ansari has answered him:”she is a consultant and wants to help Neda.”

Neda’s father instructed her wife: "not to answer to Ms. Ansari and send her out of home."

Ms. Ansari has returned with tea. Sima explained her that she met Neda in the detention house and being informed about the secrets of Ms. Mehrani Office and requested Ms. Ansari to help her to arrest Ms. Mehrani and then asked about Negar and explained that she knew Negar and knew about her problem, as well.

Ms. Ansari requested her to do something. There, after a while, they left house for police station for more investigation. They visited Major Mohabbat and he sent some officers on duty to inspect house of Mr. R.

Waiter opened the door and replied that no one is at home but officers entered the house and found bloody Negar and Vahid and sent them to the hospital. Ms. Ansari fainted; Negar and Vahid were under treatment. Ms. Ansari revealed the secrets of Ms. Mehrani Office for Major Mohabbat, who was present in the hospital. Some officers sent there on duty but Ms. Mehrani has evacuated there.

Ms. Consultant returned to Neda and tried to call her to mind her memories but Neda had no reaction and gazed dumbstruck.

Ms. Consultant has transferred Hossein from mental hospital to the hospital in where Neda has hospitalized and tried to re-play the scene of attack of Hossein to Neda.

They left Hossein in the room with Neda under their strictly supervision. Neda looked at that he approached her. Hossein became crazy upon seeing her and attacked her. Neda felt fear and escaped toward entrance door and asked for help to be released from Hossein.

Neda approached to Ms. Consultant, recognized and embraced her. She has recovered her awareness. Major Mohabbat assured her security and asked her to help them to find Ms. Mehrani. Neda gave them address of Mobed and Mr. Naseri. They controlled Mobed for three days and found Ms. Mehrani and arrested her when she was about to leave Iran in the airport and sent her to the prison. She confessed to her accusation. The families of victims became aware and complained against her.

Upon suggestion made by Ms. Consultant, Mr. Ansari has been hospitalized for addiction abandon and regular salaries have been paid them by a charity organization. Negar and Vahid have made their decision to marry with each other. Mr. R. has been prosecuted and then Major Mohabbat has arrested him, at last.

Mobed and Mr. Naseri have been sent to detention house since they have been accused of deceiving innocent and virgin girls. Neda became agile upon awareness and be trained by Ms. Consultant who aware of her responsibilities and Neda was ashamed of what she has done and wanted to make amended for her unawareness which removed her purity. After rue, Neda found different rout other than previous ones since she didn’t chosen the previous one. She was trapped by so many false identities which have been penetrated into her by negative forces of thoughts of others and her surroundings, as a result, they governed on her youth and energy and produced shortsighted.

Now she is working in one of cultural institutions which is supervised by Ms. Consultant and go on her education. She tries to experience the moments full of purity and real kindness. Her view is changed completely which is apparent.  The style of her expression looks better.  She finds good friends and respects everyone as servants of God and tries to transform darkness of her and others by divine love and thoughts to radiance.













Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




Part one

Part two

Part three

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Part three-2

Part three-3

Part three-4

Part three-5

Part three-6




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