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Neda returned home and paid money to her mom. She thought that they paid her salary for one day and she was so happy and prayed for Ms. Mehrani and advised her that cooperate with Ms. Mozhgan since she would paid you well, Neda answered Iran she has left Iran for abroad and I am unemployed now. 

Some days later, Neda has visited Ms. Mehrani again in her office and Ms. Mehrani pretended that she does not know anything and told: “Oh, Dear Neda.”

How are you? Do you satisfy with your job? How is Ms. Mozhgan?

Neda answered: “She has gone to the travel.”

Ms. Mehrani told her, immediately: “Don’t worry; I know that you are a good girl, now I may find you another job until Ms. Mozhgan returns.”

Neda was surprised and asked herself, in wonder: “Is it possible, she has not been informed?”

Ms. Mehrani suddenly shouted at her that I found you a good job.

“Dear Neda, Mother of Mr. Naseri is so rich and I am sure that you may nurse her well, so they may pay you well, you leave here I will give you a call.” She told her.

Then she said her bye and added: “you can work well since you are pretty and wise.”

At night, Ms. Mehrani called her around 11 o’clock and then she thought whether another event will happen or not? 

She was waiting at the door of Mr. Naseri, in doubt, but she made her decision and rang the bell. An elegant man about forty years opened the door and invited her inside. Neda has introduced herself and entered into a big yard in green trees. He introduced himself and explained that he wants go to abroad so he wanted someone to take care of his mother. “If I satisfy with you, you may stay here and take care of my mother. Here we have a guard and a worker; you shall take care of my Mother. “ He said her.

They have entered into a saloon which was covered with silky carpets full of good looking furniture. 

There were tableaus hanged on the wall and windows covered in pink curtains.

Mr. Naseri showed her a room in which an old woman stretched down on the bed and became half-raised.

Neda greeted her and waited to be introduced by Mr. Naseri and then she moved toward Ms. Naseri.

After a moment, Mr. Naseri has called her and told her please let me to explain your duties, then they have left there for kitchen.

Mr. Naseri explained her how to prepare the meal of his mother and how to drug her and wanted her to act as per list and added that “my mother shall sleep now not to disturb her anymore. You just clean the kitchen and bring me some fruit and tea.”

Neda started to work and washed the vessels in the sink and then made tea. She prayed God to make them satisfy with her. After she finished her work, she set the tray of fruit and entered into room of Mr. Naseri, there was an elegant bed in the middle of room and a beauty folding screen separated all audio and visual devices and a complicated computer and she saw sport devices in the closed terrace looked on the garden.

Mr. Naseri pointed her to put the tray on table to take a seat.

Mr. Naseri went toward Neda with camera and showed her pictures, Neda surprised a lot. She has seen a good picture of life in that room which she had seen them in the movie, already. She wished to stay there at any cost.

Mr. Naseri asked her age and she answered him that she is seventeen and then Mr. Naseri told that he is thirty one years older than her and then asked her: “Do you like to play with camera? It is so easy, come forward.” Neda moved toward him and touched it and then he taught her how to film she was happy and she has forgotten her position…

Suddenly, Mr. Naseri asked her: "Did you have a boy friend up to the present time?"

Neda told him nothing but after his insistence, she told the story of Mobed. Then Mr. Naseri told her: “It is better, if you set up relationship with me and make me satisfy, I will take you to my single life and we will live with each other.”

Neda was so happy and thought that he would propose her to marry with him which made her so happy.

Mr. Naseri gave her that camera as the first gift and told her I would give you more and then promised her that he would give her more gifts, later on.

Mr. Naseri Pulled Neda and told her: “Try and make me satisfy tonight.”

Next morning, she went home with camera and money. Negar, Neda’s sister, was two years older than her but more oppressed who became surprised with camera and then they held a celebration and shot pictures from each other.

Her Mother prayed for Ms. Mehrani and told Negar that you can find there a job.

Afternoon, Neda and Negar together with their mother have visited employment office of Ms. Mehrani who welcomed them, warmly and spoke with them enthusiastically.

Neda saw a sad girl in the corner of room and moved toward her and tried to speak with her, she introduced herself as Nasrin and told that she has lost her job and was an unemployed. 

Ms. Mehrani instructed her severity: “Ms. Nasri leave here now, I will find you a new job, tomorrow.”

Ms. Mehrani have registered the Name of Negar and promised her that she would give her address of her job and told her: “Mr. R is a sick aged man who is so affluent. She needs a good nurse.” Ms. Ansari was thankful and they have left there, happily. Neda saw Nasrin at down stair and she was so disturbed. Neda asked her why she did not left there.

Nasrin told Neda that I was working for a man for two months but now he wants to leave Iran for Japan but Now I afraid of it since we had relationship with each other and now… Neda asked her about her employer and suddendly she understood that employer of Nasrin was Mr. Naseri who has fired Nasrin when he met Neda. Suddenly, her mother called her, she did not know what to do. She has surprised since she could speak with noone about whatever has happened. Neda was so silent when her mother prayed for Ms. Mehrani. She was so hopeful if Mr. Naseri to propose her to marry with him







Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




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Part two

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Part three-6



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