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A Real Story (II)


It was eleven o’clock. The telephone rang and Neda answered it, then, she told her mother happily: “I want to give you good news. Finally, Ms. Mehrani found me a job and I want to go there, now.”

Her mother answered her surprisingly: "Now, it is eleven o’clock."

Neda happily became ready, hastily, and said her that Ms. Mehrani told me that my employer is an affluent girl, Mozhgan, who lives lonely; she wants to find a companion for the nights, someone who can cook her meal. She would pays me well and continued that I would pay the cost of living from now on, you don’t worry. Her mother accompanied her, suddenly, a passer-by sneezed, and her mother called her, please return home since it a sign of patience, not to go now, please do it tomorrow. But she didn’t pay any attention to her word.

One hour later, Neda knocked the door of house of Mozhgan. The door has been opened and a pleasing boy invited her inside. Neda looked around herself in order to find Ms. Mozhgan. That man suddenly introduced himself as Mobed, brother of Mozhgan and told her that Mozhgan would return one hour later and asked her to sit on the sofa to entertain her until her sister returns. There were fruit and sweet inside a silver bowl on the table opposite sofa.

Mobed brought her a drinking from refrigerator and gazed at her eyes and asked her to introduce herself! She answered her, modestly: It’s Neda.

Mobed told her, happily that he feels well since she is an enlightened girl and he don’t like feebleminded girls.

Neda asked herself what does it mean, enlightened, how shall I treat him?

She remembered movies have been broadcasted from satellite and she has seen them in the house of their neighbor which motivated chimerical hopes inside her.

Ms. Ansari, Mother of Neda, was an illiterate woman who wished both her daughters live happily.

She thought that lucky means you live comfortable and have an affluent husband since she had none of them.

Neda’s father was unemployed and addicted who smoked opium. He just worked when they had nothing to eat and then became unemployed upon paid money to her wife. Neda wished to get rid of the same house upon marriage.

Neda wished that Mobed proposed her to marry with him so that she would proud of him. Suddenly, Mobed called her name and interrupted her wishes.

He told her that you drunk nothing and filled the glass. Neda was in doubt to drink it or not. She has never drunken, already, although, she has decided to drink it in order to prevent from being feebleminded. Upon she drunk it she fainted since there was a pill inside it.

Mobed touched her and told: “ you feel hot, let me take off your dress, oh, how nice figure you have, I like tall and shapely girls, do you exercise, do you like me to train you a special sport?”

Neda felt lassitude and dizzy and tried to resist but she was out of energy, one hour later, she looked at room dizzy and astounded but she hoped that Mobed would marry with her and she proud of him.

It was seven o’clock that Mobed waken her and said her that “I shall go at work, so please wear your cloth.” and ignored her and continued “you may meet me whenever you like.”

She suffered humiliation but she said nothing in order not to hurt her dignity, she said him bye and nothing more…

Neda sat on her room and her mother asked her, repeatedly, have you seen Ms. Mozhgan? How was their house? Was she affluent? Neda answered nothing, she just nodded her head, she gazed at telephone, and she asked herself: “will he call me? Or everything has finished? What shall I tell them? What shall I do?”

She went to visit Ms. Mehrani in her employment agency, in the afternoon, some girls were sitting there and Ms. Mehrani has explained them about their new job…

Ms. Mehrani asked her about her new job and whether she has satisfied with it or not and continued not to be worry since “Ms. Mozhgan is so affluent and she will pay you well.”

Neda did not know whether Ms. Mehrani knew that there was no one in the name of Ms. Mozhgan, or not and she did not dare to tell her anything so he has returned home.

She was so inquiet and expected from Mobed to call her and treat her kindly.

Her heart was full of agitation until morning so she called him in the morning but he did not answer her.

Neda thought that his father would kill him, surely. She hated his irresponsibility and unkindness but she loved her mother and wished to marry with an affluent man to make her mother happy.

Unfortunately, the mentioned family enjoys of inferior social class full of wrongful behaviors who did not train well, intellectually, the appearance is the pattern of their life and they are of no understanding about real value of human being.

At the early morning, Neda could speak with Mobed and told him how worry she was about what has happened. Mobed told Neda: “You don’t worry, come and meet me, we may speak with together.” She thought that Mobed would marry with me; therefore, she wore her dresses and told her mother that Ms. Mozhgan wanted me to cook her dinner and then she left home, immediately. Mobed welcomed her, flatteringly. Neda has tried to tell him that she is worry but he told him, inattentively,”It does not matter you should do it a day.”

Neda expected him to propose her to marry with him but he did not mention her, at all.

The Next day Mobed told her: “Dear Neda, I want to leave Iran to abroad I shall do my work I will give a call as soon as I arrive home.” Then he paid her a paltry sum and stated that: “Not narrate our story for anyone and never come here, I will give a call, later on.”

Neda was heartbroken but she did not want to break her dignity so she was choked with tears and then told him bye.






Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




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