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Next day, Ms. Mehrani gave Negar the address of her job and she was considered to work there for a week. When she returned home, Neda felt that her sister was pale. Neda knew that Vahid, their neighbor loves Negar and they looked each other from windows. Neda saw Negar by the window but she cried instead of looking Vahid.

Neda asked her what did happen for you, Neda was sure that something bad has happened for her sister. 

Neda embraced Negar and they wept because of their pain. Negar told her that there was an old man who touched me and she started to cry more. Vahid was waiting by the window to look at her but Negar did not look at him and felt guilty. She made her decision not to go on work but there were full of nuisance between her parents, at last, she changed her decision to work on home of Mr. R..

A month has passed. Neda was working in the house of Mr. Naseri every night who has given her a second handed computer, two camcorders, two cameras and some other gifts.

Mr. Naseri bought her some chic cloth and gave her good pocket money. Neda explained to her parents that mother of Mr. Naseri bought her all of them since she intends to propose her to marry with her son. 

Her mother was so happy since she wanted to become rich. The dark thoughts and poverty penetrated into their minds which separated them from divine spirit and they were drowned inside a whirlpool.

In a night, Neda have dared to speak about marriage with Mr. Naseri. 

But Mr. Naseri answered her that he wants to leave Iran and they would make their decision upon his return.

Neda asked about his travel and he replied her that he shall leave Iran to Japan for months since his business encountered problems and he shall solve them by himself. He asked her not to connect with him anymore because her mother may doubt in her. Neda have cried and entreat him to let her stay there to help his mother, however, he didn’t accept it.

All of her dreams and wishes to be their daughter-in-law were not fulfilled. She was sure that his travel to abroad was a big excuse and she entangled in a trap which Nasrin had been trapped already.

She has passed bad days; at last she searched internet to find a friend. She found a man in the name of Hossein to console her heart. She felt happiness for her new friend, therefore, she made an appointment with him for next day, she was waiting him, eagerly but he failed to appoint her at the fixed date. She became alone and became sad. Although, she called him two or three days later to ask the reason of his absence from their last appointment.

Hossein told her that he was suspected in her. Neda felt lowliness again. So she disconnected his call and suddenly heard voices of her parents. She understood that his father has burnt the carpet which made them to quarrel with each other.

She ran out of money and they had no money for their living cost, Neda wished to leave that noisy and cursing house and never return there, anymore. Suddenly, telephone rang and Mobed talked with her, friendly, she didn’t believe in it since he asked her “how is she?” and continued that I missed you please visit me tonight… Neda accepted his inviting and left house immediately. She told her mother that Ms. Mehrani called me. When she arrived at house of Mobed, he welcomed her, warmly. She thought that Mobed has regretted for what he has done, already. But she has seen another young man who was sitting on the sofa. Mobed have introduced him as his friend, Saeid.

Then, he led her toward him. Saeid shaped his hands and told her that I heard about you so I was so eager to meet you. Neda felt that Saeid tries to touch her, so, she went toward Mobed.

Mobed told him not to feel unsafely since Saeid likes enlightened and pretty girls and he asked me to introduce you to him.

Neda had feeling of humbleness. She has considered herself like a ball which everyone passes her to the other one. But upon she drunken drinking mixed with a hypnotic drop, she has lost her bad feelings.

Neda spent night in arms of Saeid. Next morning, she received a paltry sum from Mobed and Mobed asked her to visit them, more.

Neda could not speak anymore and she has spent next week, nervously, during weekend, Negar returned home and Neda welcomed her, friendly, she asked her health and asked about her job. Negar answered her nothing, she just cried, silently.

The same day Vahid gazed at the window of room of Negar, however, he didn’t succeed to see her.

On the weekend, Hossein called her to meet her. Their meeting place was on 5th floor in a Company.  She thought that Hossein intended to sympathize with her. She saw a bald, short, fat and ugly man. She decided to return but Hossein pushed her into apartment.

Hossein took off her cloth and raped her. She dissatisfied with him since she wanted to meet him to find someone to hear her pains, however, she found a molester man even the worst than all of them. He sent her out, immediately and told her that his friend would arrive there.








Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




Part one

Part two

Part three

Part three-1

Part three-3

Part three-4

Part three-5

Part three-6





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