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Dear Reader:

If you are at the beginning of the road or you at the ending of the road, I will assure you that it is not late. It is enough for you to illuminate your way by divine love. Surely, God grants you the chance of existence and living. You just look at yourself to reach God.

The origins of forces are inside you.

Wash your thought, be happy and live happily, I mean childhood happiness filled with divine love.

Happiness is different from unrestrained, if you nurture everything into your heart, you will reach it. If you don’t succeed, read other useful books.

I assure you that all of your dreams may come alive since whenever you wish to reach something, all universes will help you to reach it, on condition that, you won’t be hurt.

You deserve to reach cosmic awareness and you shall wear cloth of superiority, you may be helped wherever you are under any circumstances.

You may trust in God!

Pray God to help you!

I teach you how to travel inside yourself, the universe and angles will support you during travel. Listen to the whisper of angles. 

You were not alone and you are not alone, now!

Just, you have forgotten it; therefore, you have lost your way on a winding road of life.

I return you; you and I will send you love since you have trusted in me. God may bless you!

Analysis the Story (Deceit)

If we trust in synchronized events of this story and other stories, we will understand that synchronized events are not mysterious events. But they conceal a big secret which is called our awareness, therefore, when we face with unexpected events and problems, we shall create awareness to understand our commission determined by God.

As you read, Ms. Consultant was aware, spiritually, and was ready to understand positive matters in order to perform positively, she spent a night inside detention house to perform the synchronized events since divine destinies have been pre-determined.

Our story was progressed, rapidly to reach to its turning point due to awareness of Ms. Consultant. She understood that her duty should be performed accurately. 

If Ms. Consultant was not aware and had no understanding for her divine commission, she frightened to spend a night inside detention house, innocently; and probably her stress could destroy her valuable energy.

If we accept the unexpected changes and decode it, we will succeed to understand the synchronized events, result in know our current commission. Within story, Neda was guided via synchronized events but she was not aware therefore, she didn’t understand the message of the synchronized events.

While Neda met Nasrin in the Ms. Mehrani Office, she has faced with the synchronized events, but she didn’t take its advice.

Immature soul never finds God since the soul of human being shall be matured and experienced due to desperation and defeat. When earthy intelligence connects with the celestial intelligence, it will result in evolution1. To be awareness for receiving the messages of synchronized events will lead us to grow our awareness with the assistance of divine aids. The characters of our stories have been unaware of their which made them trouble.

We see many families like them in the society who shall find their self-confidence based upon real piety and their useful and potential talents; as a result, it is not necessary for them to be slave of opportunists to reach relatively welfare which corrupt our world.

We hope that useful awareness flow for knowingly return to our real self.







1.Evolution= Celestial Intelligence + Earthy Intelligence













Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




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Part two

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Part three-5





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