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Amorously flow is an elegant song that is singing the exiting wisdom; it means the Earthy life and ideal of human being is to reach the evolution.


Amorously flow studies how the human being deal with events within different lives and how human being eradicate Karmas as well as it studies the inhere enthusiasm of human being is that to reach the mortality, finally.  


Amorously flow does its best to create the positive vibrations against the negative vibrations which are presented, currently. The created positive vibrations enable us to be enlightened to approach the real bliss. It is fortunately that we may understand and develop the light; even it is easier since we can see everything lovely, unconditionally, without any prejudice. We are of able to bless each other and try to purify our minds from faults.  We will discuss it in detail, later on. We intend to change the individual transmission to provide a chance for public minds transmission.


If we succeed, the people of world will enjoy of permanent peace and inhabit in paradise since it is birthright of all human being to inhibit in paradise. It is possible to imagine that as far as the conscious of world controls the energy which has been trusted in human being, therefore, each one of us may achieve the golden keys of mysterious worlds as a volunteer explorer and then present it as unconditional and spiritual gift to the seekers of truths. The results of such intelligence is the feeling of eternal unity with cosmic common senses, however, it was nature of all human being, primarily.


I wish the happiest moments and the most undisturbed minds for you

3. Therapeutic Stones:

To introduce the healing stones and show you how to utilize them in order to heal the disorders and diseases since inorganic hidden the energies.

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