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Creative Incarnation


Positive Visions

Purify the Mind (Benevolence)

Eternal living is an endless everlasting.

Isn’t it better to form the best formation to that, why?

Because we sure that every form comes from true forms of thought so ….

Isn’t it better to create thoughts with positive vibrations to have a better life?

Every positive thought that holds us is an alive creature and has an eternal life and enlightens dark paths of our mind like a torch, but negative thoughts that are expandable hold us, they get our identity and control us and then provide a subtle place for entities (evil children)

Positive thoughts=providing positive vibrations=the presence of angles, psychological and mental health and eternal salvation

Negative thoughts=providing negative vibrations=the presence of evil and destroying the mental and psychological health, losing worldly and the other world faith, sinking in mind darkness.

With a little practice you notice that the extent of positive vibrations from positive thoughts is boundless. Isn’t it the highest level of happiness and desire of a spiritual creature?

Isn’t positive imaginations and visions, just those things, the easiest way to reach the worldly and the other world happiness?


Wherever you are, at work, while driving, at the party, at the office of doctor, make your mind peaceful from every disturbance, then plant a nice vision in special place and inaccessible place (The place of your peace), it is freedom and everyone enjoy of it. A place with no disturbance, no pain, no pessimism, and no obsession appears. You plant the seed of a happy vision and then give water to it with your mind every day.

Some words like thanks God, how happy I am, you may create positive thoughts. How happy I am means that I can thank the nature of unity and control myself. You may say others that they don’t let me to have positive feeling.

Perceive this great happiness that the thoughts of the others have nothing to do with you. Their behaviors depend on their own vibrations only.

Internal layers and neural systematic tissue are designed in a way that nurtures the multiplied roots of your repeated thoughts and words. At the beginning, you don’t believe the miracle you observe; all of the mental tissue like a program enters a place of existence system that you have no awareness about it. You shall open that like a key on heaven door and then it gives you the most beautiful and true endless happiness.

I assure you that you have no scale to measure the happiness and blessing that you have gained.

You, the seeker of the way of salvation, will observe this true event and will be fulfilled of the feeling of being new and desired. You will certainly give the blast of this happiness to the others and they will give it to the others … and you will turn to a canal for transferring love and happiness and divine awareness. 

So, begin with reciting love and endless gratitude and avoid negative thoughts, ungratefulness, and remove hostility from your heart. You shall never let yourself to think badly about others. You shall never condemn someone in your mind since you may provide the ticket of the hell for yourself at that moment, worldly hell and the hell in the other world. You enter with disturbing companions there and this queue and canal will be full of these companions that you will have to return from there in order to release yourself. You shall avoid pessimism and hostilities and not to use words with bad vibrations like What a bad luck, I am so miserable … or … it has no us… I have no chance, I have no way… be careful, with these kinds of words you may put yourself in their bad vibrations and you may spoil the environment, you may build a hell with a bloodsucker spider that is waiting for you at the end of dark corridor to inject his internal darks stings to your mind and make you its slave like a sick addict. 

It is proved that the energy of negative events in practical or mental form stays in places. If a person thinks about killing, the thought of murdering and the vibrations of negative power may stay in the same place even if that person leaves there. Then it may provide inferior vibrations like hatred, revenge, anger, mental or physical diseases or psychological disorders and the mentioned vibrations will weaken the one who will be living there. So, how we can purify these kind of places by positive energies?

How to know that the place we are living in it has the positive or negative vibrations?


If you involve in negative thoughts and issues in a place and have negative memories constantly or experience furious, anger and hostility toward others you may fill that place with negative power.

If we feel peace, mental and physical happiness and sweet memories and kindness to the others and intensify it in ourselves, we may fill that place with positive vibrations.


How to purify places with useful energies?



1. groups reciting with voice purifies polluted environments 1

2. By using oils like volatile oil or rosemary oil or jasmine oil

3. By burning scent specially volatile scent and sandal

4. Spattering salt to the corners of house or by a rock of salt make a lampshade and purify the place.

5. By purifying crystals specially white quarts (it is explained in crystal therapy section)

6. Imagine of white light and flowing in divine light

(Complete explain in approach 7)

7. Nurturing plants with good vibrations and animals with good vibrations at home


Footnotes :

1. In special nights like 14th that energy is high in polluted 

     _ Places bade events happen

     _ For example in gamble places or bars we have murders

     _ Those who have bad vibrations in their energy become more cruel

      _Mental patient get mad

     _ Food poisoning of negative events get worse

     _ Electric devices, airplane and mobiles have problems

      _After surgeries, we will be bleeding more






Attitude 7 Positive Imagination


Hidden Paradise (The Garden of God)

I have taken advantage of a method in order to feel happy and raise my mental abilities (Relaxation in imagination). I enter into mysterious lands when I am in my fancy world. I can reach my wishes, gain wealth and experience different beauty (After that I have benefited of their energy in the real world). You may travel to your wonderland and experience its sweetness, as well.  

You may stretch yourself on your bed and close your eyes. You may listen to classic music since it influences your happiness. Then you may repeat: "I present it to the residents of wonderland and to the Master of dreamy land." Then, you wish whatever creates more happiness for you then follow it or you may accompany me into one of dreamy land. There are dreamy gardens inside my wonderlands and I can spend my life there whenever I wish it.

I close my eyes and I fly into my dreamy garden like a butterfly. There is a garden in the green trees and roses on the seashore, however, I don't know its owner.  I call there Garden of God where I have many friends who are waiting me, impatiently.

Deer of a graceful gait, kind rabbits and squirrel, sweet-singing birds and colorful butterfly surround me to welcome me, with happiness.

Then, I pass limpid water, dancingly, until I arrive at meeting place, at the lotus pool, at the other side of dreamy garden.

It is considered for me to meet a man who I desired him. After a while, I see a mysterious ship in the sea among thick fog just like relief cashmere.

He welcomes me like a mythical prince in comely apparel and helps me to go on board his ship. Then, we sit next each other with purest and deeply feelings without any anxiety. My friends shake their hands and pretty moon reflects itself into limpid water, dolphins represent their show together with colorful fish and captain of love navigates the ship of my wishes until I see shine of magnificent palace and we reach to the beach, slowly. Tiny crystal and white sand reveal their magnitude on the beach. I leave the ship, eagerly and I see the servants in queue, respectfully.

I see a unique alive tableau in which women are dancing SAMA in blue painted silk together with adorer and honest men. They represent their elegance and divine knowledge, lovely. You can find no jealous or rudeness. The servants cover the bottom with carpet, instantly. We enter into a castle with rampart. You become ready to enjoy of dance party. We enter into palace among serving servants. There are Masters in praise of love.

Oh my God! Here is your Paradise in jewelries, pearls, and rubies trees, with river full of gold and jewelries; however, you feel the freshness of plant. You can see gemmed thrones on the river banks. There are colorful and sweet fruits with sherbate have set on the thrones.

Boxes full of sumptuous dress and valuable jewelry like huge treasure attract your attentions. On the top of hall, there is blue blinding which attracts my attention. I go further when I see my Master sitting on magnificent throne in blue jewelry.

I bow to kiss his hands. I ask him: "Where are we?"

"We are inside the golden insight of your mind and where we forget suffering." He answers me.

I ask him to take some of jewelry.

He replied me that take whatever you want.

I ask him, anxiously: "Does God will love me, anymore?"

The Master pointed to the Heaven; Almighty God looks you from his kingdom throne and tells you that Yes, I love you my Dear. I boast of myself, happily, and then I pass my night, happily and lovely. Upon I return, the golden cart full of my wealth follow me. I arrive to beach where I generosity bestow my wealth to a poor who I don't know her, already. Then I fly to reach my bed, exhilarant.

I have the Grace of God and treasure of happiness. I can have whatever I want and bestow them.

Then, I present my love, happiness, enjoy, grief, suffer, anxiety to the Almighty God and then I close my imaginative eyes.



Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari

, translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




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