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Attitude 8

Creative Incarnation

Positive Imagination as a Method for Floating into Divine Illumination

(Illumination Meditation)

Floating into Divine Illumination

(God may lead whoever may wish into Divine Illumination)

Floating into white illumination and take illumination shower is one of method which I profit it in my creative carnation courses. This method may increase our trust in cosmic energies for present and future life. Now, I am going to describe it as I use it.

You sit or stretch down wherever you feel security and peace. Then, you may attention to your holy realm inside silent mind and trust in your God to be connected. You just think of God and repeat "O' God", "O' God". Don't forget to say "O'" or say whatever word energizes you more.

Your desire tries to mislead you. You never lose your hope, surely, you may do it, if you do them, regularity and seriously.

You attend to your head, slowly (the point of crown Chakra, Sahasrara). You feel Divine Illumination ever-descending from heaven. This originated from ocean of love and divine blessing.

You incarnate white, fine, brilliant and fluid illumination!

Breathe it into your seventh Chakra and rest minutes, after that, you may attention to your sixth Chakra (Ajna) above middle of your eyebrows. You incarnate a shinny star among your eyebrows and then repeat, more and more, more illumination. Take rest for a while. After that, you may attend to your fifth Chakra (Vishuddha). You incarnate illuminated rivulet there where is source of illumination, you flow inside your heart along with illumination (Anahata Chakra) where you can see your heart filled with white illumination. If a part of your heart have problem (mental, spiritual or physical problem) you feel that illumination penetrates into its tender layers and imagine it healthy. Then, if you active your mind on your organ, all closed gates of energy will be opened to let pure PRAANA to be absorbed from scope of energy of your body. Then, you incarnate yourself inside illuminated place without any shadow. You see yourself like a kind angle with heart full of benevolence and feel peace inside infinite court of God.

If you understand softness and floatation, you will be surrounded by eternal prosperous and peace since you create spiritual relationship. Note that the miracle may happen, presently at this place since God is available at the present time (Now) in one place (Here) and if you search God tomorrow, you will never find God. The surprising secrets of healing will be revealed, presently at the same place.

If you feel that you see illuminated body, please trust in your feelings. If you feel you  deserve to manifest your requirements through pure soul an angles (The soul of world or will of God may react you the same) you shall be sure that you can grace infinite blessing in divine worlds and understand your merit. 

I assure you that you deserve to understand your inner Master. Therefore, you become ready to purify your thoughts and make them positive then try to prevent any negative thoughts regarding others. When you try to explain the experiences of illumination for others, you may be ridiculed by the culture of your society or family, then, you will defend yourself to account for your behavior. As a result, your soul will be annoyed and your wishes and requirements will be discontinued.

It is not necessary to explain your experiences for those who do not know even alphabets of spirituality. You keep your thoughts or experiences for yourself. Let silence to be the secret of your spiritual relationships. 

The depth and creative thoughts may be experienced, if you be quite and you hear sound of Almighty God in silence. If you be prosperous to understand sound of God, you will dive into joy and delight; however, it would be impossible for you to explain it, well. It is considered as change and transformation of your mentality and feelings (It will take time to reach certainty), therefore, please write down your experiences in order to understand its miracle, later on.

You lead white illumination toward 3rd Chakra (Manipora) above your navel and see your inner gem full of illumination. There is an illuminated gem among your organs. It removes darkness. It lightens the chambers of your body which have been cut off by your negative thoughts. Now your organ performs their duties, better. You imagine the universe as a big body. All human beings are illuminated and united. Their unity is illuminating and network of your sun is floodlighting. Then, you attend to your organ below your navel, 2nd Chakra (Soadhistana) and imagine it full of illumination, more transparency, more self-confidence, then you lead the shinny illumination toward 1st Cycle (Moladhara) at the end of your belly and imagine your limb filled with illumination.

You see your health limb and feel freshness. You and your organs are protected by illumination of God in the shadow of divine security. Lead the illumination toward your sole and imagine your sole is young, strong and transparent since your illuminated sole leads you toward good affairs. You imagine your sole and appreciate them. Please, let illumination penetrate into Chakra of your sole and provide them balance. Illumination ascends from right side of your body and then it descends from left side of your body. Please release yourself inside illumination circle and remove your pollutions inside illumination circle.

God may bless you

Do you want to be owner of a golden heart?

You may do following exercise everywhere, daily, to have golden heart.

You incarnate yourself inside white illumination and float into illumination and feel white illumination and shower inside it from your head, 7th Chakra (Sahasara) and float there and then lead it toward 6th Chakra (Ajna) and imagine your forehead and eye full of illumination. You see the nature of God and try to see whatever is good and close your eyes for whatever is bad. You present peace to whoever you see. You try not to damage anyone and not to bias toward others. Try to spread love with your eyes and say pleasant words. Try not to annoy others by your bad word. You present peace to your spouse, children, parents and siblings even to your companion in a journey. Then lead illumination toward throat Chakra (Vishuddha) an incarnate there full of illumination where it goes toward your organs. You imagine that your ears filled with illumination to hear music and good words, not to hear any bad words  or negative vibrations (Such as backbiting, fastidious, discrimination and etc.) Not to hear anything other than divine music or peace words. After that, you imagine your 4th Chakra (Anahata). Lead illumination toward your heart to bless there. You raise your hands toward your heart to fill them with illumination and present your blessing to other people.  Now, you own a golden heart. I wish you to be accompanied by golden illumination.

God may bless you.



Sometimes, I ask you to accompany me

Within a pleasure route to dreamy journey

From inside toward God

Close your eyes and ears to inquitous 

Release yourself and see from your insight

You scan yourself to be acknowledged

Come behind this curtain to be illuminated and say "O'God"

Then release yourself and fly toward mysterious world

Find way, easily and go inside illumination

It is you; your body does not matter








Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari

, translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi





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