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Attitude Nine

Creative Incarnation

Connection with Spirit of the Universe

Methods for connecting with spirit of the Universe

I have passed my time patiently and with lovely exercises.

I have tried to understand the meaning of words of my master. (To connect with spirit of the world is a choice which will be allocated to the establishers of order of Universe)

I sought shelter in the virgin nature many times and I have tried to throw away the rubbish of the polluted mind.

As my Master said: “I provide an empty place for presence of spirit of the Universe.”

I have harmonized the rhythm of my breath with rhythm of the breath of nature until I reached on the promised day. I looked at a flower without any prejudice for hours. Firstly, the waves of my thoughts have been purified, then my consciousness has been replaced by a unique consciousness, suddenly, I have jumped, happily.

I felt lightness; my body flew with spirit of universe. Oh, thank you my God, I danced uncontrollably to wipe out my wounded feelings to crush NTT which have dwelled in my energy in the form of dark memories.

I Released

I got rid of whatever I had, already.

I got rid of wicked thoughts. I understood the spirit of nature and my surrounding flowers which was first blessing of my inner changes. I perceived the flowers surrounding me during my transformation and I received their divine messages 2. The Clamor Flower delivered me first understanding and the Hurly Flower transferred me understanding along with moving energy, Jasmine Flower transferred me love madness and Lyricist Flower transferred me how to express my love madness. (I decode the secret of Mohammadi Flower, this flower is being used by Gnostic as a code word for receiving messages and mysteries)

Of course, the words fall short to express the conditions of receptions moments. If you passed the same experience, you will understand it, surely.

Connection with Spirit of Rain

I have tried to reach to promising day for years. I placed at the height and tried to evacuate my mind by praying, suddenly at the dawn I felt that I am about to connect.

I heard that someone asked about the reason of my insistence. I expressed respectfully my overflowing love in my heart due to happiness of people for rain. Drought left my land, I understood the unity of my spirit with spirit of cloud and Universes agreed with this harmony.

Divine cosmos untied with us and I witnessed the blessing of mentioned connection for years. After that, I knew that Karma of each tribe depends upon their performance and we are not allowed to bring the inhabitants of cosmos down due to our adventitious wants. I received valuable gifts because of connection with spirit of universe (Kind Mother of Earth) besides understanding the messages from mystery of life as source of breath.  Kind Mother of Earth familiarized me with therapeutic gems and stones and how to heal human, spiritually and mentally. My experiences regarding healing by gems and stones were so surprising. I have made my decision to write another book about the efficiency and healing nature of stones and their science.

I hope that this valuable gift mitigate the weariness and heal the pained. Amen!

I filled myself with energy to connect with animals. After that, I understood that they are part of us who reminds us necessary awareness to reach our main goal.

If we consider animals, we will recognize our situation and we will receive its hidden messages. Iranian Culture believes that animals are symbols of good and evil e.g. if we see rabbit on the road, it means evil but if we see fox, it means good. Although, if rabbit is running, we shall struggle more to realize our goals, but if rabbit frightened, it means that we shall reject our fears.

If we see fox, we have to know tricky men. Magpie means we shall become ready to commence our work.

Crow means inspirations and rules of souls and how to become ready against event and tell us news.

All have been proved for me, again and again.

An Experience:

I called one of my friend to help me to find a house of one of my old friend then I focus on behavior of a cat and some sparrows and trust in my inner inspiration resulted in finding the address of my friend.

Ms. M. was forced to relocate since she was prosecuted out of a false accusation and a personal misunderstand and no one knew her address. As far as, I knew her problems and I was aware of her innocence, I became worry and I referred to the court where I have seen writ of her innocence but as far as no one knew her address, she being uninformed. I decided to find her and gave her good news. I have been inspired by synchronized events to find her current quarter then I knocked all doors but I didn’t found her. Suddenly, I remembered that it would be possible to find her, if I connect with their local animals. Then, I waited to see an animal, suddenly a cute cat meowing and walking gracefully toward end of alley, sometimes, it glanced at me and suddenly stopped in front of a door and meowing again, after that a sparrow flew with clamor and sat on the balcony of 4th floor. I rang the bell but no one answered me, however I saw someone peeping behind the curtain. I tried to show myself and then she recognized me.

I soothed that cute cat and appreciated sparrows. Then, I saw Ms. M. who looked at me surprisingly. I narrated whole story. She fainted from happiness; somehow, she forced me to pour a jar of water onto her head.



1.Non-Organic, Common people call it Jinn which enter into mind with negative thoughts and stay there which is enriched by grief, jealous and material priority, they made them bigger than us, sometimes and train us for themselves. 


- White Rose= Purity Message

- Pink Rose=  Real Love Message for Spiritual Powers

-  Purple Rose= Benevolence Message

- Jujube Red= Self-Sacrifice Message

- Lemon Yellow Rose= Receipt to Mental Joy Message

- Orange Rose= Receipt to Love full of Divine Blessing Message

- Red Rose = Earthly Love

- Saffron Flower = Continuation and Stability

- Lilac= Steadfastness

-  Bot Dahila= Dignity

- Bot Peony= Wealth

- Canna= Reason of Divine Position

3. Khezr Mountain







Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari

, translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi





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