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Attitude One


Preparation to Receive the Celestial Message

The Bridge of Relationship

Open your eyes, Just now

Not consider to the request of the mind

At the present paradise

There is a brilliant sky

Behind the veil of night

The signs of God are tangible over here, now

There is a bridge of relationship near here, 

There is a heavenly one hidden behind every thought, 

There is a mirror inside the soul but inside a closed room

There is a way to the heaven over the firmament memory

Break the lock to open its invisible door

Then, the hidden garden of existence may favorable with you 

Upon establishment the relationship with God, there will be the dance of luminescence and firmament, and your flower will be bloomed, as well

The amorous particles in PRAANA of your body shall bring you the everlasting euphoria

Celestial Site

Upon my continuous daily detente and restlessness that passed pleasantly because of presence of valuable experiences of awareness looked for the factual places (Refer to extraterrestrial Intelligence) when I have found peace and free will due to unity all particles of the world, I have been absorbed by the mysterious circumstances. Upon every new and special reception, I wrote down all my new inspiration from undiscovered aspects of firmament as poem or prose resulted from my personal inspiration and intrinsic thoughts. After a while, I have suddenly found a book or other sources with the same text as my own special inspiration, however, its explanation was different. I became excited or curious; sometimes I made mistake them with synchronized events1. Its repetitions made me confused I could not understand it due to their supernatural nature, and then my feelings led me to reveal the new mystical relationship.

Thereafter, I put my hands up during praying for seeking help from Almighty God to understand the truth. I have been led by my increasingly enthusiasm to achieve the hidden truth.

Upon time passed, the buds of my enthusiasm were blossoming and I found a garden of flower full of vast creative flowers and their aroma and light created everlasting intoxication. The presence of new vibration behind veils caused me more new perceptions completely different from previous perceptions as well as they caused astonishment. Alas, I may not express it satisfactorily; by the way, I express it and I wish from the Almighty God and Spiritual Master to make successful for expanding deeper awareness and fluent expression in direction with love and divine guidance.

Description of Situation:

I understood that numerous Information sophisticated sites interlayer into vast veils and covers of lights spreads into the ethereal atmosphere. I perceived that men abandon their body during sleeping since they are called to the information sites at the ethereal world in the ethereal body (stellar) and everyone shall be appeared before special and determined sites together with those agreeing intellectually and interests to complete the living experiences at the earthy world and then go on lovely diligent seeking to enrich their talents and personal information out of the source of celestial sites. Some of sites had special training courses trained by honorable Masters. Honorable Masters have registered the divine instructions with a lovely and rhythmic whispers of necessary awareness for completing the personal experiences at the deepest intellectual layers of seekers, billions of informational bites have been perceived per second by the ethereal mental.  However, no one have been authorized to keep in mind how the mentioned information have been received and how they present in this sites and courses, merely, those awareness could be kept that God's will may authorize them to be attracted in the shape of intellectual and insightful particles and others should be deleted. The persons with the same interests and talents have been presenting before the same course and their learning became of the same, however, the most probably, they were living at the far distant on the earth. They expressed their receptions with different expressions due to different cultures but with the same explorations. It is clear that none of seekers understand the secrets of their diligent and they assume that their talents are based upon mental receptions or daily researches and sometimes they mention that they perceive everything since they enjoy the sixth senses as a better sense. In fact, the appearance of new thoughts is due to the appearance before the celestial sites so the nature of mystical thoughts became common with nature of celestial awareness and then celestial sites will presents their valuable gifts, it is called the illumination sparks the same common point. 

The nature of celestial awareness + the nature of mystical awareness = to create balance in thoughts (to become elevated) + divine sparks. It means that you achieve the justice 1.

Evolution Triangle (Diagram 1-1) is a cover under discretion of God 2

Upon the responsible man inside the earthy body and within his current place 3 understand his principal and valuable mission 4 upon reception his inspiration from the celestial sites on the earth, after that he will create the creative forces to reach the spiritual insight peaks through well-shaped ladder of world 5, as a result, the interior and exterior devastations 6 of the earth will be prevented. Now we are observer and the world is observable.

I, as an observable 7 with golden thoughts, plant the illuminated awareness and intelligently seeds of my observations called as blessing and prosperity on the my body so that all world and divine cosmos may observe me 8. This transitional cycle, my observation (man) and the observation of the heaven creates superman and genius, in other words, God Like.

I have received my answer and I am confusingly eager to go on my principal attitude, which I appreciate it.




           The sparkle of divine guidance  

    The Nature of Universal Thoughts

  The Nature of Mystical Thoughts

Balance (Justice)


Diagram 1-1



[External awareness (the movement of mind within known scopes)]+ [Internal awareness (the movement of memory within unknown scopes)]= mystical awareness.

[the nature of mystical awareness (intelligent access to the celestial sites)]+[the nature of celestial awareness (presence and understanding of mysterious and superior worlds)]=[access to the eternal source of information (finding God infinitely)]=Justice(reach the balance)





1. From childhood, I understood that when I think of someone she will call me and I will be answered my questions, indirectly (for example if two persons conversed with each other, my questions were replied), after that, I knew that all men face with synchronized events, it is needed for them to be more intelligent.

2.Justice= To plant everything at its appropriate place

3. Men

4. Earth

5. Insight

6. Celestial Sites (Center of Mysterious Information)

7. Men inhibited in the earth

8. Men

9. Generations of Men





Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




Part two

Part three








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