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Attitude Two

Dwelling inside the Soul Provides a Chance to Know the Unknown


The Dweller of Soul

The heaven may not open its door unless toward tender souls who are free from violence and bad deeds and thoughts.

Now, upon the discovery of the plasmatic body of man 1, even the science believes that it is not a dream for everyone to fly at the infinite spaces and see the unseen and know the unknown, even though if you are not a saint. Since the mid of 20th century up to the present time, the pioneers and seekers of science and agnosticism conciliate with each other, and then the bride of science entered into dreamy bridal chamber inside the paradise of agnosticism, the offspring of this propitious marriage was born in the name of divine knowledge, as a result, the infinite real spaces opened for mystical round at forgotten and pretty old ancient world in the name of promised land.

The world that eastern mystics are their considered as its forwarders, now it is known as the metaphysics world and whoever did not to believe in it, now they realize its hidden reality.  Upon mixture of the science with mystic as the excellent and the most equipped weapons in order to wipe out superstition, we needs a person to be responsible for the reasons of his existence and creation as well as focus on his insight (initial selection) which shall be great assistance for elevating the human being and discover the real rules of the nature. Now, the rider (divine spirit) on mount of science and mysticism has reached its valuable place and position in order to taste his sweet existence at the lost house and find the final peace, it signifies inhibition inside spirit. Achievement the everlasting joy and such infatuation and ecstasy and become hilarity because of divine love beyond the great veil transform the seeker to the real dancer. Such a sweet experience means that we inhibit in the spirit and feel the sky. Man will transform to an spiritual human being who never create any negative energy and will never collapse himself or destroy the environment (since the principal factor for destroying the earth and galaxies are the negative forces based upon negative thoughts and such negative energy eradicates the body and darken the layers of body and even it darken the celestial layers. 

After human passed endless experiences and many slipshod during his ages and elapsed his time for indulging the wishes, it is time for new thought to return to the worlds of inward light celestial experiences (by intuition).

At the present time and place, you may enter into vibrations to see the prettiest pictures and achieve the most unique consents then you may open the golden horizons of wishes, after that you may observe the mystery of angles in the hidden paradise of earthy human being.

If you are going to inhibit inside your spirit, you shall harmonize the spiritual waves with your fortunate body to enable yourself to leave the negative vibrations and frequencies and find tender vibrations then it may present you purity gifts.  If we learn to forgive ourselves and others in order to make our behaviors, spirituality we may balance the divine cosmos and the human shall not condemn to suffering.

The brilliancy of love and intoxication at the clearest and the most transparent layers of our auras commence to reflect the happiness in the long wave frequencies and wipe out the stressful frequencies.

The lucky human enjoy from magical divine love becomes a real citizen for the cities of paradise and then inhibit inside the soul which will enable her to live from the nearest celestial sites until infinite vibrations.


Magical Travel

The atom is created upon He called it!

The atoms gathered together

God commanded the seethe

If you, the wisdom one, not to see it, it is inadmissibly

The manifest of objects is the proof of nature of God’s Intelligence

If you an atom or vacuum, it is a good wave

The magical travel and chase

It nurses the atoms, tiny by tiny

Atoms in atoms may dance like snow

A new bride on the throne

It builds a temple for the sweetheart

The atoms fall in love for the other atoms

You memorize the love story

Now, consentient and friend

The unity of life in the world worth seeing

Really! The unveiled spirit is the richest one






Footnotes :

Illuminated body and spirit



Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi


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