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Attitude Three

Divine Insight

Real self-knowing and piety is the worship the God (Meditation)

Know the false personality from the individuality upon familiarity with coexistent illusive

The practices for being inspired (synchronized events)





God make it easy for me to travel over the instable patterns, whatever leads me toward bad thoughts and deeds

God lead me toward impeccability by your archangel and self-devoted spirits and save me from horridly waves moving toward maelstroms of disturbance mind.

God, disentangle me from secular thoughts and show me real way of prosperity and salvation.

God, oh thou show me your way.

God, show me your way.

Cluster Galaxies

The soul of substance was the only rider of the horses

The horse was clarifying a secret about this issue 1

They made a formation of force, that they made a mold of power2

The atom gives a form of itself from the whole3, although knowledge is an essence which belongs to God

The challenge of atom is another secret issue 4

They found atoms in quantum5 and solve it intelligently

Shams and Moula were aware of secrets of atoms 6 and they reveal her secret

Kepler and  Galilei were also aware 7; they became devoted secrets of God

God’s aim are flowing, the secret of universe and the secret of human, it is very great

He has built a corridor from kindness; he has put the elbows on shoulders

Seven worshipers with celestial8 bodies, servants of the other place

Clusters of crystal galaxies9, there is an abundance of unity till happiness

The form of entities is a manifest of His nature, the unity of form and structure is really great 10

The form and structure have grown old necessarily, but a young soul has given to it by celestial world 11

Whatever body divides from ages, the soul gets younger like the spring 12

Primitive Figure

The Process of Creation

Real self-knowing and piety 

Based upon different experiences of our ancestors regarding divine spirit and the explanations of scientists, it is regarded that the God spread in the divine cosmos in the shape of an ocean of love and blessing which its endless atoms have surrounded the world. The elevation point and center of commandership and place of the Great God is the twelfth heart of internal worlds. The atoms or spirits are living in eternal hilarity at the elevation of welfare and prosperity in the divine safety joint in the waves of Love Ocean.

However, the same divine atoms or spirits enjoy of divine awareness and they are not aware of their individual awareness. (The atoms were of the same with each other and with spirit of God)

It is the wisdom of God to make the atoms independent for finding their individual insight. Therefore, with lovely breathing out accompanied by primitive figure, the atoms are set free in the divine cosmos. The process of creation is the awareness of atoms from its existence. 

Spirits or atoms have already lived in the divine awareness, may become aware personally and also aware of its divine awareness. The spirits or atoms will be sent on duty to find the road toward the home with using its individual awareness and experiences of living in different worlds and different bodies.

Therefore, the process of creation is the will of God in order to help atom reach the existence prosperous through individual experiences in different bodies13 and in different worlds with special vibrations.

During process of creation, the soul shall be experienced to reach the divine knowledge. It was already a divine spirit; however, it wants to be a divine spirit, knowingly.

Therefore, the souls fall in drops from divine body and places in different spaces of cosmos. Now, this independent drop is going to explain itself, but how is it possible? Firstly, it shall give shape to itself; it signifies that it shall wear a cloth in order to be seen. For instance, the spirits with a point or an eye inside the atom, they look like an egg or fetus, it means that they are living inside the womb of their mother and they will wear a cloth in the name of human being.

The atoms do not enjoy of personal awareness and the divine awareness leads them inherency 14, they shall wear the cloth in the name of animals and plants. The fallen spirits shall go inside the energy and if we press from one side, it produces howe and it projects from the other side like a balloon. It is considered that the atom or soul ride on th

Now, Atom or spirit rides on the force starts to scamper and most probably they could scamper at the higher vibration when they enjoy of different understanding and intelligence.

The more scattered thoughts, the more freely walking of souls in cosmos, but, If we squeeze them more, the atom will be placed within special time, place and body. The earth has appeared more than five milliard years ago in contrast with the three million years passing from primitive dwelling of human being on the earth, it proves that the human being has no earthy thought since thought ride on the electromagnetic waves from fifteen million years ago which is more in direction with the story that tell us the human being was living in his house at the higher vibration and his inbeing and insight is inconsistent with his earthy feelings and thoughts, as a result, most of human being may not reach their ideal and may not be spiritually satisfied, since it is inconsistent with his celestial inbeing and thoughts. The deepest sense in the name of the sixth sense sometimes jumps from the soul and understand the hidden place, however, he may not open its gate but, If human succeed to find the lost key of the hidden paradise, in one of chambers of the soul, he will reveal the secrets of his existence.

The wise thought is not going to find the talkativeness of the mind but it is one the way that finds the relationship with eternal thought and inform us that nothing may be created if there would be no thoughts prior to its creation. The waves of thoughts 

 throughout the world14 are so broad, guide, electromagnetic waves and forming the material 15. Although they find their identity in order to present them.

The focus of thought or our spiritual force creates the present time for the existence may be formed with shorter wave length and more frequencies and they may gather the energy then their physical form will be created. The atom or human at the results of compression and focus of thoughts at the specified time may create the present time and it shows its special form and body (in current form).

Now and here, the same atom, me and you, may get rid of thoughts of the world during our meditation to get rise the uphill where we have descended, already, in order to release from this compression and fly in the higher spaces and vibrations for tasting a little sweet taste of prosperity.

Inattentive to the details creates wave and then it disappears the materiality of the atom, it signifies that we may disentangle from the body which is needed to be seen in the higher world, so we try to release from keen sighted mind which interfere in the secularly world, as a result, the inertia 16 mode may be changed and upon we enter into variable vibrations and worlds, we may enter into past and future worlds (I mean that we may travel to the unknown existing places together with a wave which is created by independency from mental and secular images) since if we don’t think, we may create waves to ride on them for visiting the pious.

We may encounter with many dangers during our travel, so we shall care not to go to byways and we shall be cautious not to be placed at the lower vibrations by the inferior thoughts, since upon we understand our current existence at the present time, we will fire 17 from higher vibrations and our intellectual and mysterious relations will be discontinued. This intellectual currents and spiritual relations may create vibrations with their special rhythm and tune. When we are going to relate with the spirit of the world, we have to harmonize the rhythm of our vibration with the rhythm of vibration of its soul (at attitude 9, we will explain the relation of world’s spirit with the initial language) since the mentioned intellectual currents at the huge magnetic sea or the same huge veil are made of the ethereal bodies the same as  material which have been in the form of ethereal prior than current form, therefore, upon we leave our body, we shall cover our thoughts with ethereal body and after that we may create relationship; otherwise, we may not reach it unless with continual endeavor for rupturing from whatever which is not divine in order to join with divine currents.

The tenderest energy from the heart of each atom or wave may create the main drive; therefore, we shall find the tenderest layers of ourselves to be enabled to penetrate into the tenderest layers of events. Here are too many ways to scatter the thoughts from the materials, it is approved that the most accepted way is the way of divine prophets, saints, mysterious relationship between Gnostics and spiritual scientists. These ways are enriched by balancing the Chakra, in special, the seventh Chakra in order to provide divine relationship; and now, it is possible through the divine way. The most opposed is those ways in which they use narcotic or centers such as Golden Dawn 18 in England. Our world filled with invisible substance which is not discovered by the current science, up to the present time. Every one may discover them, voluntary. 

However, we shall know that discovery of events does not mean that we create them or we shall consider it as a privilege. A golden and foggy gate has been opened toward amazed human being, upon he has discovered that there are spaces full of waves, radio waves, x-rays, cosmic dust, electrical and magnetic fields among stars and planets since twenty years ago. Nowadays, discussion about black substance or mysterious shadows attracts thoughts of seekers. The insightful ones have discovered them through revelation and inspiration from many years ago and Gnostics have experienced them through their special ways but Moulavi gave an example that different people touched the body of elephant during night and their explanation from different organs of the elephants were different, it means that different layers of awareness are so infinite, therefore, human being during their experiences may observe different aspects of infinite worlds, however, all spiritual observers could understand the final cause and at last they understand the unity of divine cosmos.

I am sorry for those with vain hopes and frivolous desires who become depression. There is no emptiness in the name of depression and frivolous.

We observe nothing, but nothing is opposed to frivolous. We are living in the ocean of magnetic waves and inside infinite intelligence and thought 19 and individual thinking 20, those have shaped like ethereal. (The Iranian culture calls it nymph and the common people call the beautiful one as a nymph 21).

Therefore, it does not deem necessary to find these relationship upon disintegration the body (death), we can use the ethereal body, at the present time since we have done it, already.

Now, physicists, in special, the experts of quantum, show the phosphorous atom like a pack of energy with mathematic structure and call it wave function which is shown (Ψ). This mass energy (Pack of Energy) has individual thought and it is most likely that it will take longer time to reach body through thought of human than through his body which have been understood at the higher vibrations.

We may observe and rebuild our existence and attitudes to the life with a targeted and intelligence move when we live in this world in order to create new thinking for our inner world way, something which is powerful and magic… a way that reveals us the mystery of existence.

Something powerful, something miraculous, … a way can reveal the mystery of existence.

If we attention, we may find a way to commence, it means that we may strengthen our intelligence in order to observe the synchronized events.

(The Unobserved Life does not Worth to Live in it (Socrates)).


Necessary Exercises to Understand the Synchronized Events:

During meditation, we shall feel our presence at the defined place, we shall be cautious to understand our geographic location, in which part of State and in which part of city we have located, which sea is the nearest one to us, which mountain is the nearest one to us and how far is it from us, which river is the nearest one to us? 

Then, we shall to be cautious to the events of our body, synchronically, which part of our feet or any other parts of our organs touch the earth? We shall find the touching point.

We shall hear the sounds all around us, synchronically, and then discover a new matter inside ourselves every day during meditation in order to register our intelligence so that we can go beyond known places and find our target.

It may look simple but it is necessary to review all our existence

Coexistence Illusive

During our remembrance, firstly we shall separate ourselves from our identity. We have to know that we condemn to our identity.

Our identities are heavy loads upon our shoulders during our life. If we are going to understand the real existence, these veils (identities) shall be removed from our faces then we have to cry that I am the only truth, that’s it.

When we mistake ourselves for our identities, it is called coexistence illusive.

Within Coexistence Illusive, we will be changed to the subjects such as our job, title or others.

When we ask the others about their health? They answer you that they are well, or when you ask about someone else? They answer that he is a doctor. (As if, he has been a doctor when he was born) or we will transform to our properties: for example we tell them that my car is damaged since you have entered there without my permission. You have taken my cloth, ….

When we start it with coexistence illusive it means that we continuously defend to enter to our inner world, we suppose that we shall prevent that thief to enter to our realm. If we defend, it doesn't mean that we invalidate these identities or it is necessary to throw our properties (since we know the reality of ourselves). Despite the fact that we decide to find our spiritual life and leave material, we like our life. The retirement means that if we could not reach our plan, we shall not lose ourselves.

The more definitions, the more limitations

The said titles and positions creates us mould such as square means four sides with ninety degree or rectangle means four sides, one face the other with the same size with ninety degree.

It does not matter what is our identity? It is important to know that where do we want to go and how? If we leave our identity and find our truth, it means that we touch the sky, surely we fell down but we shall rise up, again and again.

If we surrender to the situation, it means that we have wasted our time and energy for our identity.

It is so called that he is a patient person so he has to resist against difficulty and be patient. He is doctor so he is not allowed to perform any other business.

False characters is the present of the mentioned identities, it includes all titles obtained from blind obedience. The false character includes our actions and behaviors which are diametrically opposed.

It leads us a mental quarrel in the name of nerves quarrel for all generation of human, it is the unblessed gift of current civilization. Many human being involved in the same quarrel, as a result, it causes unbalance with inner nature of human being as well as it brings us unbalance with diving cosmos and creates entropy.

False character or imposed character has many pretentious and many boast. The mentioned identities and thoughts start to build a protective wall to secure them in order to be hidden behind it, and then they take on many guards to prevent new thinking to be entered behind their false thinking that may kill any invaders. They accumulate many imaginations about their false character such as how to dress, speak or communicate and etc., at last, they become a property of that person and if anyone dare to insult to or criticize our title, our guards will withdraw it and it will throw away to the outside by launch the platform in the name of prejudice.

Real Character

Real character is a process for nurturing and forming the nature of human being in the current life through divine spirit. It balances the relationship of human with himself and nature, so, the human being does not pretend to be a good one; however, heis really a good person.

He does not show he is a responsible since he is really responsible.

He is really happy but he does not say that I am happy.

He is really sorry but he does not say that I am sorry.

Nature, it is what we are or the decoration of our spirit, if we are going to find our true character and reach our main nature, we need wisdom and self discipline, it requires the intellectual exercises and repeat appropriate praise. It shall be intelligently commencement for inner observation.

Exercise, We shall take a note from all of our thoughts and actions during the day, unbiaslly and then judge about them. We shall think honestly which one belongs to our true character and which one belong to our false character. Whether we are honest with ourselves or not?

We shall intend to enrich our true character and then we shall avoid the false character which wastes our energy. We shall care since it will resist against us and it forces us to explain our actions since it targeted to destroy our nature, therefore, if we want to become successful, we shall reduce our false character. If we control our wants, we may reach our goal, more rapidly, but if our wants have choice to control us we won’t be successful, surely.

We start to exercise our wants and take a note of our targets from our exercise.

1. How is the value to reach to the wants and desirability?

2. We shall give it a price, for example does it worth to tell a lie, commit treason or disobey from divine commands or to be in debt to others or any other kind of stealing such as being oppressed which a kind of energy's stealing.

3. We shall to give it a price, honestly and we make our decision.

4. We have to meditate for our decision and then find the mood of meditation.

5. We shall think more about our decision upon meditation, if it is necessary we shall review it again. We may discover our capabilities and surely we leave our greedy sense (it prevented us to grow, spiritually) and our pure character will be revealed, as a result, we will enjoy of sweet pleasure.

Our soul is as wide as the world and if we reach the elevated place of God, we will be the owner of a special freedom together with assuming responsibility and finally our requests will be transformed to the divine surrender and no false wants shall be remained, anymore.

Exercise for coexistence illusive campaign and forming true character in the human society:

You sometimes give a present to someone you don’t know even it does not worth a lot.

Note: It will enrich you. Its final action reveals its secret.


You, sometimes, do something which is inconsistent with some situation for example; you give a valuable present to a poor person something that you give it to a rich one. But give a worthless present to a rich person. Then take a note from your mood regarding your action and their reaction.


The Harmonized Sound of God

The initial sound was the harmonized sound of God

There is turbulence at the love sea

It is the philosophy of God to give life to the atoms

The appearance of pleasant friend has luminosity

He has hidden his face to depart 

The atom filled with hilarity with wine of existence

The intelligence of existence turned upside down while accompanied him

The half-drunk atom hidden behind veils, overnight

The hidden face of mistress behind atoms

The atom deserves a temple as a gift of earth

No trunk but with a worthy spirit inside it

The intelligence existence added a formula to the understanding of the world

It means M multiply C,   E=MC2  22

The heaven is a present in the name of Central Site

The data of people open the files

The blessed napery has been opened by the Merciful and Compassionate God

You bed the gem in the oyster as deserves to the Almighty God

Until walking gracefully you the astrut among the miracle of the Almighty God

In order to praise the given present, you may dishevel your hair




Footnotes :

1.  Carlos Castaneda, the author of mystical novels says 

Horse=force=force=The soul of substance=substance=atom

2. There is a quantum nature in the force (Dynasim) a primitive force and energy that make the moving of the atom belongs to  God and the nature move of atom is according to God’s will, dependent move is special for the personal soul.

3. God’s will make the move of the atom.

4. The nature of move belongs to God and atom has dependent move 

5. Quantum

6. Two spiritual men of 7th Hejri Century

7. Two great Astrologists in 17th Century

8. Celestial Chakra in physical bodies

9. Cluster galaxies

10. Divine soul which lies on every personal soul in the form of God have will and reach the unity when it is balanced.

11. Entropy= disorder in atoms of a system that leads to destroying (in quantum means getting old by the ages)

12. Equal Entropy is Negentropy that the human soul obeys the Negentropy law (it means that it gets younger and have more energy by the ages.)

13.The physical and eternal body of the current human are matured but other bodies are fetus until evolution of awareness of man 

14.The movement of initial atoms are inherency

15.The Universe

16.Form of Intellectual Force

5.Tendency for current form

17. since our atom will be placed in individual awareness at the specified time and space

18.It is temple for magician who train their students for mystical science such as summon the spirit of dead and reach to hyperphysical forces. Alester croly as it member is known for his animal nature.  These forces are being used for un-divine goals.

19.Divine awareness of spirit

20.The human being enjoy of divine awareness hidden in his conscious besides individual awareness.

21.A Turkish idiom

22.To understand the world by mechanic E=MC2, celerity of illumination=C, material mass=M, Energy=E=



Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi



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Part two


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