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Interuniversal: How is it possible to elevate the extent of our mentality in the world?

If we intend to obtain the higher scientific degree, either the magnificence of world shall be mitigated in order to enable us to understand it or not?!? Or we need to create the magnificence inside ourselves in order to be enabled to understand the miraculous of the world?






Celestial Sites 


All cosmos is a sphere and the human being located under it

Infinite cycles are observable in the galaxy

The observer and observable are struggling

To reveal their intelligence for the Masters

The mystics are inspired divinely

They shall open the veils of heaven, together

The mind of human being is common, forever

Within the real space are common

The dance of particle in the emptiness may produce a wave

Dance and singing of infinite particles shall be inside atom 

The essence of world is infinite

Even there shall be tiny than atom

The galaxy wrinkled out of wear 

The intelligence of world shall be in safe due its love

Insightful philosophers are great thinkers

They receive billion of bites within a second

Hundreds of veils are on the face of heaven

The newborn may come into this world upon pains of delivery

The lazy may not enjoy from intuition worlds

It is better for unaware to die in the hidden ruined place




Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi

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