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Chakras=Lover Lotus


God Manifest, Himself, as illumination of Earth and Skies

Chakras1 absorb the mentioned valuable illumination and energy for our body so that it enables us to go on our life and fill our tender layers with light somehow our heart may present more love and affection. If we reach to knowledge Chakras, its knowledge provides us to absorb better and more balanced energy. The meaning of center of energy in Sanskrit is whirl; it means conical whirlpool of energy or whirls of energy whirling into auras to be vibrated with three or four inch diameters. These Chakras are outside of our physical body, inside scope of energy around our body. Here are seven major Chakras, which will be explained in detail, twenty one minor Chakras and forty nine smaller Chakras and hundreds of tiny Chakras2. These major and minor Chakras shall absorb illumination from divine cosmos and they lead human from individual realm to indefinite superior realms through their arrangement from spinal column (Kundalini) to head (Fontanel), respectively.

Double energy has different name in different languages; it is called good and evil in Iran. Chinese called it as Yin, Yang.  Ancient Egyptian called it Nekhebet and Vatchet. Indian called it Ida and Pinyala. By the way, these energies in different names are being absorbed by Chakras to react. The quality of absorbing good and evil energies depends upon behavior and deeds of person. If a person is inferior and looks for talkativeness of mind, the negative energy will be absorbed, as a result, this person will become pessimist and his/her auras will darken and finally his/her soul will fall down.

An optimist absorbs good energy and is able to see positive vibrations indefinitely; as a result, this energy may ascend the optimist person to the superior levels of awareness. Chakras are available around intelligent energy. Earth have centers called Power Centers such as Glastonbury in England, Shasta Mountain in America and Giza (lands of Pyramid where spiritual masters inhibited there over centuries) in Egypt and Khezer Prophet Mountain in Iran (Jamkaran of Ghom), in fact, these centers are Chakras of Earth.

Our body and earth are designed to transmit cosmic energy through its Nadis, it is compared with veins which transmits blood. Nadis are intelligent currents inside scope of energy for transferring energy (PRAANA). Our Chakras absorbs energy of PRAANA and strengthen us. The focal point of colorful spectrums and vibrations of scope of energy are in the shape of lumini-radiation around our body.

Positive vibration ascends from right side of our body and negative energy descends from left side of our body.


Positive Vibration Direction

Negative Vibration Direction            

I realized that some of disorders resulted in unbalance of Chakras or aura fossa or gathering have been healed by changing the energy, while consultation. It is possible to change energy on condition that we change our views to evacuate our minds from vain thoughts and fill it with pure awareness. At that time, I saw change from inside and center of energy toward its surroundings, then spiritual Masters and angles filled the dish of heal with blessing. My visitors received the awareness and positive thoughts through my talking. Pure spirits, guards, and spiritual healers always stand at the right side of patients but dark spirits, evils, stand at the left side of patients in order to fertilize the sense of disappointment from grace of God, cosmic healing forces and plant the seeds of pessimism in the mind of patient. Upon the patient receives positive energy, the lotus petals of their Chakra were blossomed and I could see that the frequencies of energy were transferred through talking toward their scope of energy. Then petals transmitted energy to create balance, elegantly. After, energy passed from lower Chakras to Crown Chakra, thousand-petal lotus, I confess that it was interesting to see the colorful auras rayed opposite me, in special, gold and light violet colors that I fascinated in them, as a result, they saw a brilliant face of mine which filled them with wonder, however, they unaware of their illuminations reflected in my face.

If you can reach the pure happiness, your inner child will born and then you will swim in divine hilarity forever till your elevation.

You can elevate on condition that you purify the canals of your energy to transmit the energy. Whenever happiness erupted out of your body, you will be healed; otherwise you shall heal the damaged canals, seriously.

Pure happiness inhibited inside mechanical quantum, it means that we can use it since it exits on condition that we are intelligent enough to understand it.

While meditation, you see that light approaches you, then it divides into thousand scattered lights, I assure you that you are ready to feel the pure happiness in trance, you just try more. It is better to use gems and stones filled with divine energy to purify your Nadis and canals of energy transmitters since they play important role to purify Chakras and create the freshness. Herbal plants help you to be healed, faster. Vegetables save fresh PRAANA1. I believe that chemical drugs affect healthy organs since they are not intelligent to find the damaged organs so they influence all organs, even the healthy ones.

Of course, it is better to use herbal drugs to prevent diseases and immunize body and we have to visit specialists while suffering from a serious disease.

It is necessary to purify the centers or institutions where teach techniques for balancing the Chakras by salt, aloeswood, and volatile since while meditation, lotus open and become prepare to absorb NTT  which will hurt our body upon habitation Please see figure 2 and 12-1. 


Figure 12-1

Figure 12-2

NTT Cavity

Become Ready to Focus on Chakras

Prior to meditation, it is better to take a shower then you mix salt in a liter of water and pour it on your head and try that it reaches to all of your body in order to clear the negative forces from your soul and spirit. Then wait a moment and wash your body. Now, you are ready to do meditation and enter into superior level of awareness.

Mihrab is adytum of lover with the beloved one. Whenever you wish to whisper amorously with your God, find elegant place to meet your God. The saints believe that it is better every person to find a holy place in his/her house to praise with God. If you didn’t find any place for yourself, you may imagine that there is a Mihrab on the corner of your room.

You can burn candle or aloeswood to eradicate NTT and negative forces. You can use clean crystal such as quartz crystal to clean yourself with divine illumination and energy. If it is impossible for you to find crystal, you can use a piece of crystallized rock salt to clear the negative forces. You can build bed lamp with rock salt since its illumination can heal the mental disorders.

Upon praise, forget your knowledge and thoughts since they made you rough, therefore, you shall leave them in order to reach to the Almighty God.

If you want to beautify your Mihrab, you decorate it with sweet-smelling flowers and put on clean dress to beautify yourself.

Cotton dress let your skin to absorb more PRAANA{3}. It is better to touch your energy to know them more before working with Chakras.

First of all, you rub your palms seven times, strongly and quickly.

You shall feel your palms are pulsating, otherwise rub your hands again.  Then, keep them opposite each other with 2 cm. distances and wait for one minute then keep them with 20 cm. distance after that you close your palms to each other at 2 cm. distance. Repeat the same for 7 times. After all, keep them at 30 or 40cm. distance and close them to each other.

Most of you feel your energy like an absorbing and attracting mass. It is time to use your energy for healing your insufficiency. Now, you roll up your energy like a ball and transfer it to your ideal organ. I inform you that your disorders or pains won’t be healed, immediately.

Your problems shall be solved if you wait more. You can use your ball of energy to relief the pains of others, even he is far from you, you just intend to heal him and shot him the ball of energy. Your lovely and benevolence intention will result in positive results.

Almighty God considers the universe as his sign. It means that human being shall think more about all created one. Perhaps you understand the creator of the created.

The spiritual connection and think about signs of creators called meditation. One of the elegant meditations is called praise. It is worth seeing Chakras of a real prayer; Chakras are like lotus in seven colors cause angles to bow down in front of them.

An insightful person see them clearly, however, an ordinary person is not able to see them since they hide behind veils. Now, special camera for aura may show them.

The difference between of paradise and hell is not more than a hair. You can enter into paradise on condition that you leave false theories and love everybody.


Footnotes :

1.Energy Sources of Energy Scope Surrounded the Body

2. As per manuscripts, body of human has 88,000 Chakras

3. You may read Quantum Healing written by Deepak Choopra. He indicated that chemical drugs have no intelligence to find disorders. I utilized his instruction, in person, for myself and visitors. I have explained you my experienced in Chapter 12.



Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi


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