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Fifth Chakra


A Description of Fifth Chakra

The Almighty God commanded the world to be exited and our school tells us that the deceased will come alive upon trumpet blown on the day of resurrection by the Angel of Gabriel. We can communicate with each other by word in this world.

Our ultra psychopath powers are being understood by sound and this Chakra shows our relation with our creator. Our praise will find its melody through sound and produce lighter vibrations. Ether, the tenderest element, is compared with pure soul and creates the same space in which four main elements including water, fire, air and soil are placed. Ether is the main field for the other existence, the feeling placed at beyond of all hidden. If we know the rules of soul, we will understand that Ether is the center of information and it is the most important recording. Ether indicates to a sense superior than normal senses, it is meaning of sixth sense.

Healthy breath and life, benevolence thinking, reverence of words will lead transparent current of energy from Nadis1 to the throat Chakra and we use this valuable energy for constructing lovely relationship with the Almighty God, universe and creatures, in special, on our pretty planet, Earth.

We face with divine sounds in other spiritual world which is needed for positive vibrations at the other worlds. Alas, those who misuse these divine blessings and doesn't respect them, anymore and create polluted spaces by their lies, calumny and abusive language will involve in sound poisoning and carry its heavy Karmas2.

* Let's appreciate our sound since we are blessed to communicate with each other by the words.

We can repeat I love you, more in order not to begrudging upon death and show our affectionate by our words.

Let's to present love with our melody to the God

Mantr AUM will quiet down our nervous system and it will improve our lovely relationship with God and creatures.

We shall try to repeat our praise AAAA UUUU MMMM and other praise such as monitress= eloquent= open are appropriate for this Chakra and while meditation we shall ask the angles in blue besides us to reveal us the mysterious of blue colors and then we can imagine blue eyes of our inner masters who call us with lovely look to the purity.

I wish you to be saved

Specifications of Fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra)

  • Name: (Throat Chakra) Vishuddha  

  • Sunbow: Sixteen-Petal Lotus in Light Blue (Cooling, Calmative)

  • Meaning: Purify

  • Place: Throat C5, C3 (Between third and fifth Cervical Vetebra)

  • Symbol: Circle

  • Specification: Sound, Voice, Vibration

  • Element: Ether

  • Practical Reaction: Relationship with Creature

  • Glands: Thyroid

  • Duty: Expression and Existence

  • Horoscopy of relevant Planets: the Taurus, Gemini (Twin), (Mars, Venus, Uranus)

  • Music: Percussion and String Instruments balances this Charak and EH Vowel

  • Praise: AUM, (Monitress=Advisor), (Eloquent=Open) and  , Mantra (HAM)

  • Balance of Chakra: Love, Kindness, profound benevolence and Friendship, Control, Silence may influence Chakra 

  • Imbalance of Chakra: Impatience, ignorance, fear of future, thyroid gland disease, and throat wound, angina, influenza, lymph gland diseases, premature aging, talkativeness or no ability to express the feelings and as a result grudge, stuffiness.

  • Perfumes and Curative Oils: To burn and pour volatile like rosemary and fco inside ditch of candle while meditation. (fragrance of garden sage and Eucalyptus)   

  • Herbal Vegetables and Waters: Dried violet, (you shall mix 20 gr. in one liter boiling water, borage (boiled)

  • Therapeutic Stones: (Aquamarine) It removes inflammation of larynx and increase the utterance, if you use lazurde, soda light, sapphire, blue topaz, agate) your body and soul will be recovered and it presents you spiritual birth. (Blue decrease the greed and increase spirituality)

  • Fruits and Vegetable for Fortifying Fifth Chakra: Cherry, Orange, Sweet Lemon and other fruits of winter.

  • Kundalini Awakening: It unities the humanbeing with other creatures and observe others a drop of divine soul who shall be respected.


How to Work on Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha)

You fill your room with blue lights of candle and you can use other flowers instead of blue flower, then you enlighten aloeswood and drop volatile to whatever you see. You shall cover your Mihrab with blue prayer carpet and keep your blue stone or gem beside yourself. You can put on blue dress and write down your praise with blue marker. You have to do exercise prior to meditation and lie down on the ground and keep your palms beside your shoulders, you bend your elbows, completely, and keep your breath then you stretch your arms, pleasurably and you make a bow and keep your position then you stretch your body and do your best to look at above and back of yourself then you breath out and after all you lie down on the ground, slowly. You may repeat it for seven times. (Yoga calls it Cobra)

You sit down and breathe in, deeply and you relax your body. You have to suppress to think about daily thoughts and imaginations. You shall be alert for your fifth Chakra and imagine sixteen-petal lotus that spreads on the water. Then you think about a blue road and you will understand that a blue light absorb you inside hall filled with blue light which absorbs you like a magnet. You will meet a master at the end of corridor in pretty blue dress lean on blue pillar. You gaze at his eyes; if you believe in him you will go one hundred year further in a second and elevate from spiritual pillar. You float on blue light and become lighter to reach the top of pillar close to center of audio vibration. You praise AUM… AUM. let's to be confined with blue light and purify your existence and then observe the freshness of angles and your spiritual leader and participate in their happiness. You try to hear the sound of insight and divine guidance and vibrate your praise with its song and then you open your Chakra on the ether. After all you ask from your spiritual leader to reveal the secret of Ether. I assure you that the secrets will be revealed if you insist on it. You express your wishes and you will understand that treasure full of divine knowledge will reveal on you. If you release yourself from trivial thoughts, the mentioned treasure will absorb you and you take a rest in the silence.

You feel your blessed presence on the blue prayer carpet and appreciate your spiritual leader for your spiritual experiences. After all, you write it down on your booklet. You can keep silence fast however, it doesn't mean that you shan't speak but spoiled thought shall release you and you have to be surrounded by pleasure silence, then you try to produce a blue shield and imagine that any attack of thoughts be defended and you are safe inside a blue-lighted room. You swear that taunt of others is of no consideration and bad thoughts are being shooting like wooden arrows but encountered with a blue wall. You swear that you will never annoy others with your tongue-lashing. You promise that you always laugh and never deride others. After all you will see that creatures will help you to reach your goals.

You may be blessed


Massage Therapy of Palm Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha)

You can massage your Chakra to strengthen the muscles of your neck as well as to massage there in order to fresh and beautify the skins of your throat, and then you can find painful parts under your fingers. You have to press painful parts in order to transfer the divine energy by your fingers. You imagine that light blue color spurt from your fingers and penetrate into your inner layers. You may press there for ten seconds and leave there for another ten seconds and repeat it for seven times. You shall massage sensitive places (Figure 12-11) of Fifth Chakra and press there. Whenever your sound is not clear, it is useful to press your painful centers of your palms to clear your sound. You can press there while you give lecture.


Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Fifth Chakra

Figure 12-11

Massage Therapy of Sole Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha)

While catching cold and tonsilities, you shall massage your sole (figure 12-12) and press there for ten seconds and leave there for another ten seconds. You can repeat it for seven times and whenever your neck is painful you shall press bottom of sole fingers, respectively and wear a cotton socks. You can do it to prevent Influenza and cold, daily. You may drink a cup of hot tea or any other hot soft drink and take a rest for a while.


I wish you freshness


Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Fifth Chakra

Figure 12-12


1.        Canal  of Energy within scope of energy surrounded body

2.        The result of human deeds in Spiritual Indian Doctorine



Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha)

I hum my love, I ask you to calm me down

I keep a blue gem to express myself

Lapis1, Lazuli, Chrysocolla2, all good gems of the world

It ascends you to the heaven, turquoise3 and Yurgvoise

You present it happiness and decorate the house with gems

Sixteen-petal lotus4 to purify themselves

Ether5 shinned inside lotus wrapped the Moon and Venus

Look at your ascension in blue light, answer your Master





1. Lapis: Lapis Lazuri

2.  Chrysocolla (CU,AL) H2SI205 (OH) 4.n (H2O). It is soft mineral which is used for necklace. It relaxes and expresses the feelings.

3. Yurgvoise: It is Aluminum Silicate (It acts as an guard)

4. Sixteen-Petal Lotus

5.  Ether: Scope of Energy and Aura of Body that surrounded Chakras










Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi


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