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Base Chakra


Base Chakra


A Description of Muladhara

Base Chakra is four-petal lotus shaped in red locates at the middle of body. It bends toward down to absorb energy and power from Earth. Be cautious, Base Chakra is created for heavenly intentions. It shall be purify since it is a holy place. While working with Base Chakra, we shall change fear to bravery, impurity to purity, complaint to consent, difficulty to comfort, pain to heal and joy, and laziness to positive creativity. I assure you that your mind will be changed since your brain instructs the necessary changes. While meditation on Base Chakra, you try to see the elegant angles flushed out of divine love. They ask you to wish to meet your wish based upon assistance of the God and their unconditional love. You trust in realization of all comprehensible thoughts.

Base Chakra is of able to organize everything. Your goals such as your job, income, your ideal house comes out of your thoughts. Base Chakra receives its energy from universe to realize them. It shall be stated that Base Chakra is not only your private focal point but also it enjoys of spiritual specifications. Modesty is the secret of blessing and guarding the Base Chakra. It means covering and guarding this organ, as well.


Specifications of First Chakra

  • Name: Muladhara (Base Chakra)

  • Sunbow: Four-Petal Lotus in red

  • Meaning: Support and Guard

  • Location: At the end of Belly

  • Symbol: Square (Yellow in the middle of lotus of Earth, triangle inside louts, power of pistillate and lying snake middle of triangle is symbol of masculine.) Residence of Kundalini

  • Element: Dust

  • Practical Reaction: to mold, create balance, as a result, it tenderize behavior, ethics and attitudes.

  • Glands: Adrenal Glands

  • Horoscopy of relevant Planets: the Aries, the Moon, the Ram and the Scorpio (Mars, Pluto)

  • Music: Woodwind Instruments (Concert No. 5 E-Flat Major of Beethoven), vowel in special U when pronounce like O (Note two Bass, two Major)

  • Praise: O' alive, O' eternal, Mantra (LAM)

  • Balance of Chakra: Efflorescence of purity and rebirth of your inner child, purify the life, veneration, freedom, joy and pleasure.

  • Imbalance of Chakra: In view of ethics, if energy accumulates inside Base Chakra, it will result in negative attitudes and descending from humanity to inferior tendency causes hepatic and bladder diseases, fever of infection, sanies, sciatica diseases, constipation, depression and inattention to body.  

  • Oils: Patchouli, Cyprus Tree, Vetivert

  • Herbal Vegetables and Waters: Roots of Burdrck

15 ripen Jujubes fruit shall be ground then it shall be mixed in boiling water, after all it shall be drunken in the morning or it shall be soaked to be drunken. You shall check that it does not in the state of being worm-eaten.  

If you want to heal the hepatic diseases, you steam half a gram of saffron in one liter of water and drink it thrice daily with a spoon of honey. You can steam thirty grams of chicory in a one liter of water then drink it thrice daily with a spoon of honey.

Therapeutic stone: Hematite, Graphite, Jasper, Ruby, Coral, Hyacinth (Blood Stone), Sapphire (Black Star).

The patient suffers from high blood pressure, shall be cautious about crystals. They shall not keep them more than half an hour per day. They shall turn crystal anti-clockwise around damaged organ and then keep it at a far distance. Crystal shall be cleaned by water and to be charged by light of candle and/or pure soil (it shall be intered in the soil for 12 hours) then wash it with water and expose it to sun.

  • Useful Fruits and Vegetables for strengthening Chakra: sweet fruits such as apple, banana, melon, grape, pineapples, and you can have leek, tarragon and mink if Chakra weaken.

  • If energy is exceed more than needed, you can eat fruits such as cucumber, kiwi, pomegranate, water melon.   

  • Kundalini Awakening: creative force locates in this Chakra in form of python as symbol of masculine and feminine. This two-headed snake can be either pattern of superiority (+) or devil pattern (-), therefore, it can create balance among conflictions and good and evil forces.

If you take a look at illustration of Chakra, it is observable the ascending of snake in two lines (two trunk of snake in black and white). In Ajna (third Eye), here are two pythons opposite each other. The Bible tell us that snake is symbol of feminine snake and masculine power, it also indicates binary like daily attitudes of human such as happiness and unhappiness, peace and anger and other binary such as night and day, man and woman, good and bad.

While awakening and awareness in Kundalini, the lying snake inside a Kundalini of Base Chakra awakes to keep a person far from sin and produce the purity during creation of positive vibrations, but, it can create indocility and indefinite viciousness during creation of negative vibrations.


Focus on First Chakra

First of all, you may cover your Mihrab with light red prayer carpet and perfume there with volatile such as rosemary in order to open and create balance First Chakra. If you intend to spiritualize your Mihrab, you can light an aloeswood and add a red flower and a red candle. (It is better to provide a notebook and seven colors pens) then choose either one of name of God, whatever energize you more or any other name and write it down in red and keep it opposite yourself. You can write O' alive, O' eternal (Understanding the origin of everything) or praise Muladha as the special praise of First Chakra. You also use of red stones or jewelry to create more pleasant feeling. It is better to throw a red crystal such as agate in a glass of water.

  • To do physical exercise prior to meditation. Stand and keep your leg from far each other and feel that brown energy of our kind Earth enter into your body through your legs. Then, you breath and place your hands on your First Chakra (at the end of your belly) then keep your hand at distance and stretch it above your head and while breathing out, you close your hands so that they can touch each other on your First Chakra. While breathing out, you can give out your accumulated energy together with your malicious thoughts and feel that you are connected to the Earth, again. Then you repeat the same for seven times. After all, you jump to clean your body from defected PRAANA. I advise you to do meditation while rising of the Sun.

Then you lie down on your prayer carpet, calmly. If you can lean on something such as sofa, it is preferable. You feel that your First Chakra can connect you with Earth to unify you for receiving mental and spiritual health messages and make you prosperous within all divine universes. Upon you receive your message, the great secret of universe and its mysterious will be revealed (Of course, you may understand it slowly and continuously). You imagine in your mind that kind Mother of Earth presents you its brown energy, soil element. You accept the presented gift and, then, while meditation, mix it with your divine white light and drink it like coffee milk upon breathing and then close your hands on your First Chakra.

Now, it is time to close your eyes, peacefully. You surrender yourself to your guard angles. The focal point of your eyes is TISRATIL or third eye (Between two eyebrows). You imagine that a red lotus is opening its petals, and then you imagine that you are inside a square at the center of lotus to perform your duty for your origin, Earth, since your body is made up of soil of Earth. If you see that red color is dirty, I assure you that First Chakra is filled with excessive mental disorders resulted in laziness and obesity and negative operation. You try to transfer more energy toward upper Chakra to be blessed more. You assure that soil element may mold your goals and keep you firmer on Earth.

How to Work on First Chakra (Base)

  • You imagine that you enjoy from your ideal economical, affectionate and health situation.

  • You imagine Spiritual Assistants and Angles are assisting you to realize your goals and appreciate them seven times.

  • You imagine that you send positive vibrations to whoever makes you angry or you feel superiority to them. You repeat " They are looking for better chance to live (like me) they want to account their behaviors better (like me) and then you pray for them to help them realize their good goals through good acts.

Your scope of energy will be filled with overflowing energy and power; therefore, you try to divide it with all people all over the world. Keep your hands above your First Chakra and imagine that Earth locates between your hands like a small ball and imagine inhabitants of Earth with their different cultures and attitudes.

Everyone looks for good chances for himself or his family to be prosperous and become healthy and do their best to realize their goals. Therefore, you pray for them sincerely and benevolently.

  • Keep your tongue on roof of your mouth.

O' my God blesses Kind Mother of the Earth! You imagine that golden light with blinking purples lines inside it surrounds the Earth.

O' God! the Divine Heart;

Fill the Earth with divine love, light and power.

Oh doorkeepers of divinity, I take root in the Earth and connect with Earth.

Fill the Earth with happiness and pleasure.

Oh divine love;

Let all inhabitants of Earth fill with knowledge and security. You imagine that white, purple and golden lights surrounds people of Earth and hearts are full of good intentions and acts and they help each other to organize the world.

  • You imagine energy transfers from First Chakra to the elevated Chakra to live, lovely. Praise OM for seven times and then you appreciate the divine love and divine blessing as well as the hearts are beating for the happiness of people. You appreciate due to joyful status of others.

  • Finally, my praise:

I present it to the Almighty God

I present to the Prophets

I present to the Spiritual Masters and Healers

I present to my Cleric Master

I appreciate the divine grace and energy

Finally, you surrender yourself to your God and obey. Let God to be all wants of your heart. You feel that affection ring are surrounding you and you are a part of them and spend your time as long as you wish.

  • Open your eyes, slowly and imagine that you are before a divine love temple!

Write down your observation with your red pen in your notebook; however, you think that they are worthless since your notes will decode its secrets, later on.


Sensitive Centers for Fortifying First Chakra

Figure 12-3

Massage Therapy on Main Place of First Chakra

First of all, you massage end of belly by your stone and then place there your left hand and stroke there by your right hand, slowly. While you take a rest, you can place your stone at the end of your belly or at the center your body for half an hour, but, you have to remove it after half an hour and clean it. You wash it with pure water and inter it in the soil for 12 hours, then wash it with water and expose it to sun.

Massage Therapy of Sole Base Chakra

  • You shall massage your heel by forefinger and thumb, vertically and massage the center of your sole, horizontally, you shall press each part thrice by your thumb and leave there, then claw your heel, slowly and press there thrice then leave there. If you want to strengthen your sex appeal, you have to massage until you reach to your foreleg. This massage not only removes your sexual disabilities but also it heals diseases of lower organs. If you start to massage from your big toe until tarsus and try to reach main centers beneath the skin, you can heal the bad results of menses and menopause.

(You can repeat your massage by stone or crystal)

  • If you want to heal your sciatica nerves, you have to massage both of your heels

(Figure 12-4)

  • You can repeat mentioned massage by quartz stone or other stones and gems.

Sensitive Centers for Fortifying First Chakra

Figure 12-4

Base Chakra

The message of divine vibrations is in a gem or stone

It can lighten everywhere and convey your message to the Chakras

It receives radiation from cosmos and it sprinkle the perfume of mood daisy on the terrace

It hangs light on vine to remove your pains by its grape

O Saki, I am half-drunken due to your face and the lip reddens for drinking wine at sunrise

Ambassador of love1 will lie on home since you reach to God2

Come on, it removes veil of aura, fiery agate as secret of survive

Our body will be become soil and our spirit will be elevated through divine light

Two pythons inside Kundalini3 they become like honey out of your behavior

If you behave it well, it will become like an angle

But if you behave it bad, it will become like a monster













1. If you clean your aura with ruby, your heart will be purified since you may approach to God.

2.  You approach to God because of Meditation in the nights.

3. Symbols of good and evil are two pythons inside Kundalini, at first Chakra, these two pythons raised with human behaviors, they elevate to reach sixth Chakra to opposite each other. The powerful one overcome the others and human become governor.




Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




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