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Fourth Chakra



A Description of Fourth Chakra

The heart is a source of service to God and secret of love-making and the meaning of life is teaching and granting love and serving the others.

Now, you have passed the last personal Chakra and elevated to the first cosmic Chakra. You do your best to welcome this ever changing to a new one. Upon you reach to Heart Chakra, you do not attention to the scheduled and aged route. Here, no one deal with the love (love shall be contributed, unconditionally).Now, all training are considered as a new design. Now, you learn to love everyone since you know how to love your children and mistress. You learn to love, forever, however, love is painful. You shall not imagine finishing the love and not trying to escape. You shall start to present your laugh to your acquaintances and strangers, sincerely. After a while, you will be released from a swamp and you will slant across a limpid and clamorous river to the prosperity ocean.

The secret of love hides behind its existence. You will fall from ladder of love and reach to morass of materials upon increasing your wishes and belongings, therefore, you will hurt. You shall mitigate the others and increase love since love is God. Upon you reach fourth Chakra, you shall abandon archaic Caravan and cease wipe off the skills of showing off that inhibited inside you. You assure that your heart is filled with love. A Gnostic man is in the form of warp and woof in this Chakra. His warp is woven from love and serving to mankind and his woof is woven from conduct and compatibility with God's servants. You shall let your form to be woven in the same shape for the existence of others. 

Specifications of Fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra)

  • Name: Anahata  

  • Sunbow: Twelve-Petal Lotus in Green and Pink

  • Meaning: Not discovered yet

  • Place: Center of Thorax at the back and between shoulders above heart.

  • Symbol: Six-Angle Star (Two Triangles inside each other)

  • Specification: Create Mercy and Compassion, Unconditional Love and Divine Pure Love

  • Element: Air

  • Practical Reaction: Change and Passing Process

  • Glands: Thymus

  • Relevant Organs: Heart, Thorax, Skin, Blood Circulation, Belly Cavity

        - Horoscopy of Relevant Planets: It inbreathe the cosmic forces in Aquarius (Saturn, Venus)

           -Music: Percussion Instruments (Spring Sonata, Beethoven), AH Vowel, FA                  Note:You shall wash the stones inside running water and then you          expose them to the light and sun to be charged for two hours.

         -Praise: Alatif 1 (Jal Jalaloh), Mantra (YAM), sound to strengthen the heart and prevention of diseases. (HA OOOOOOOO)

  •   Balance of Chakra: The positive vibrations of Heart Chakra strenghten the heart, lungs, diaphragm, and recover the immunization system of body (meditation is the most effective exercise for balancing the Cosmic Intelligent Energy); daily praise creates peace for the same Chakra. 

  •  Imbalance of Chakra: Dermatoid Diseases, Rheumatism Diseases in special Heart, Depression due to Delicate Nature , Asthma, False Pride, Solitude Feeling.

  •  Perfumes and Curative Oils: Jasmine, Rose, Orange-Blossom, Evergreen (Odor of Rose Flower)  

  •   Herbal Vegetables and Waters: Dermatoid Diseases (Nigella Seeds Ointment), Rheumatism Diseases (To solve 10 gr. Lavender in Boiling Water). The Egyptian Willow Water, Mint Water, and Coffee may heal the Mental Disorders.

  •  Therapeutic Stones: (Green Tourmaline) It Heals Genetic Disorders of Blood Poisoning, Infectious Diseases and Anemia, Heart Disorders. Green Tourmaline improves affectionate relationship of families and improves the behavioral and mental disorders of children with their fathers. Emerald make heart pleasant and presents limpidity and cleanness (Cleaner Emerald brings more Energy) 

Epidote is stone of lovers and strengthens amorous relationships.

Pink Quartz removes grieves and create happiness.

Yellow Tourmaline removes evil and negative energies and keeps away dark forces, Yellow Sapphire, Green Aventurin.

Ruby: Astrism is a Greek word means Star which is seen in six-petal and one-petal ruby.

Chrysprase balances and calms the heart. (Red Night Agate)

Notes: You shall wash the stones inside running water and then you expose them to the light and sun to be charged for two hours.

  •  Fruits and Vegetable for Fortifying Fourth Chakra: Quince, Pineapple, Red Apple. All Vegetables in special Sweet Basil is exhilarating.

  • Vitamin E and Omega3 is the best source of vitamin for strengthening the heart. Vitamin E will remove clot of blood which is the main factor for heart attack and it prevents more clot of bloods. Vitamin B prevents from heart attack, as well.

  •   Kundalini Awakening: While positive vibrations accomplish, it results in true self-knowledge and present us insight. The governing soul of this Chakra is Bird of Paradise

  • God is the tenderest, noblest and most elegant. Abdollatif is the one with open inner eyes and see inner beauty. We shall become tender to observe the Almighty God since it is impossible to see the Almighty God with harsh eyes.


How to Work on Fourth Chakra (Heart)

You cover your Mihrab with green prayer carpet and decorate it with green and pink flowers and leaves, and then you enlighten green and pink candles and write down your ideal praise with a green marker on a paper or petals. You shall never forget your stone or gem and keep it with your left hand or place it somewhere close to yourself in order to use it for massage upon meditation. You can use aloes wood and volatile with sweet smells.

Exercise: While meditation, you try to turn round your eyes seven times from right to left and on the contrary for seven times. Then, you move your head, slowly from right to left and on the contrary, after that, you stretch your legs and then you clench your fists and close your finger upon clench your fist and place them next to your right leg and pull them toward your left leg and your trunk. You shall move strongly and imagine that you turn a strong mill between your fists upon you reach your trunk you have to go backward and when you reach to your leg you have to bend but your arm shall be stretched, fully. You have to turn the mill seven times toward right and seven times toward left without any bending and then you have to loosen your muscles and then take a rest. After all, you stand up and turn your waist to left for seven times and then turn it to right for seven times. Then, you shall take a rest for seven seconds. Then, you raise your hands and go backward until you feel pleasantly. You can jump up and down for seven times until dead PRAANA and deteriorative energy leave you and your Chakras absorb fresher PRAANA. Now, you feel free and see yourself like a green and pink flying bird above the most picturesque nature. Then you relax and concentrate on a candle and breathe deeply the fresh air of seas and grasses in order to enliven the cells of your body. You can expand and contract your chests. Upon you breathe out you shall feel it and remove the darkness from Heart Chakra. You can receive the message of divine vibrations and present it to world while breathe out. Air the main element for divine relationship.

You can send air to your painful organs and imagine its healing. You can open your heart to love an present your unconditional love to the world since the cosmos will care you like a child in the cradle and they accompany you to blossom your awareness. You imagine angles in green since they present you power and divine happiness with their green eyes. Then you can continue Meditation on Twin Hearts1 in order to complete your unity with energy of life. You imagine the feelings of your heart and touch it gently and then you remember a happy memory and experience it. You may enjoy other experiences (It is possible for you to see either angles or light or fly on your body. You believe in yourself and rely upon the Almighty God)

You smile at the heart of Crown since the heart of crown is the existence of divine love (Seventh Chakra). You smile, wait and believe in it. Do you feel that heart of your crown reply you affectionately?  We intend to present the kindness to all creatures, therefore, you hum it. You raise your hands to pray and show your palms to the sky and imagine that the Earth locates in your hands. You feel your heart (Fourth Chakra) and pray silently (Oh God let me to peace others) you feel spiritual peace inside yourself. You feel that you have transformed for passing divine peace. You feel that your arms absorb the peace to flow into your hands and fingers and present it to the Earth inside your hands, gently. You praise that you replace hate with love and feel love inside your body. You feel that you have transformed for passing divine peace. You feel that divine love flow from your heart to your hand and then present it to the Earth inside your hands, gently.

You pray that problems to be eased by power and feel that you become a source for divine forgiveness and peace. You present the soul of forgiveness and kindness to the Earth and wish that understanding, peace to be established on the Earth and you hum that hopeless to be filled with hope, faith and love and you wish that poverty to be replaced with blessing. You say to the hopeless people that you are soul of God and if you effort lovely, you will succeed, surely, to reach your wants and you present them the divine blessing. You murmur that darkness to be replaced with light and grief to be replaced with happiness. You feel that you become a divine light that enlighten others not only the forlorn but also painful shall be enlightened and fill them with happiness.

You feel the center of Crown. A divine light will fill your body like a waterfall and then it enters into your hearts, arms, hands and fingers. You present the divine love and light to the Earth opposites you.

You pray that kindness and love flow from divine heart and fill the Earth and you feel the divine love and you boast your wonderful feelings and present it to the all inhabitants of Earth, after all, you imagine that the Earth blossoms with happiness and lucky. People are lucky and love each other who say fantastic words to each other and no one complain and are not envious and divine light of your fingers remove all darkness. Everywhere will fill with light and you see the Earth boasts of its creatures. The farms enriched with fertility and blessing and all flowers blossom from the Earth. Earth laughs at you, pretty birds and colorful butterfly represent an attractive view. Mankind is prostrating and happiness opens their hearts to the inner world. The mysterious curtains remove and then divine love and awareness surrounds everyone. You feel Heart and Crown Chakras, at the same time and golden lights will encircle you. Your golden light will reach the Earth and fill the Earth with love and light. The grace, divine enjoy, happiness, affection, fineness, inner healing, beauty, welfare and divine unity will be endowed from Heart of God to all creatures. You bring down your hands and imagine a brilliant star on your head and take a look at it, gently and silently and repeat Mantra "M". You focus on brilliant star and whisper it extend (OOOOOM MMMM). You focus and meditate between two praises and you feel brilliant light that surround you like a cradle and take a rest in silence and then absorb your findings, lovely and joyfully and then you can release yourself and stay for a while (whatever you like). You return to your body, slowly, and touch your body and move your fingers, legs and heads. Then, you keep your hands opposite each other on your heart and after all you imagine the Earth among your hands. You present the energy of meditation along with divine light, love and power to the Earth. Let the Earth be blessed with peace, discipline, love, affection and kind. You be lucky! Everyone become winner and no one fail. You touch spinal cord and center of first Chakra and you imagine that the lights rained on the Earth about three meters. You pray that God bless the Earth and God bless the Earth with fresh soul! (The Earth be blessed with love and mercy)



To the Almighty God;

I present it to my spiritual teacher and all spiritual teachers, saints, honorable, scientists, masters, spiritual assistants and highness angles.

I appreciate you to present me the divine blessings.

I appreciate you to present me the spiritual attitude.

You open your eyes with happy smile

Greeting to the life and add extra paper to your spiritual booklet and take a note from your findings.



Massage Therapy of Hand Fourth Chakra (Heart)

To warm up your palm (Figure 12-9) for five minutes, in special, your left hand.



Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Fourth Chakra

Figure 12-9

Diagram of Massage Therapy of Main Part Fourth Chakra (Heart)

(The electrical power of right palm is always positive). Whenever you want to energize your Heart Chakra, you shall massage your heart, chest and left arm with your right hand. (The energy of palm is opposite with energy of behind the hand and it is divine and natural coordination.)

If you feel that the energy of Heart Chakra piled up, you shall massage it with left palm energy in order to be relieved since left palm has balancing. You warm up the part of right hand which is shown on the figure with massage and then you press there with your thumb and middle finger for ten seconds and then leave there for another ten seconds and after you shall repeat it seven times, after all you shall massage there until you reach your left muscles from side to side. You shall massage the muscles of chest, gently; you have to massage though muscles, more. You can ask the other one to help you. If you go on walking and keep diet, your heart will have no problem and heart attack will be prevented. (I warn you to consult with your physician).

Note: It is dangerous to go on walking in the cold weather if you have heart disorders or chest pain.

If your heart is not in peaceful mood, your bad mood will be transferred to the other organs, so that you shall strengthen your heart and prevent asthma, differently.

You lean your spine to a frame and push your spine there and you count until seven. It is better you rub your body with olive's oil. You can go on walking since it is another factor for strengthening your body, it will increase the Oxygen of your lungs since lungs may deliver the fresh blood full of oxygen to your organs and nurture your cells and improve its operation. So you walk with happy songs.

If you enjoy from praising, so you can praise and walk and t healing sound for heart is (HA OOOO). It can fill your heart with love, sincerity, heartiness, respect and kind. Vitamin C, E and Omega are useful for your heart and it prevents your heart to be clotted. It is dangerous your blood to be clotted in the veins of your heart since it results in heart attack and death. If you have meat more than enough, Homocystein will be produced in your body which will result in tighten the arteries.


Massage Therapy of Sole, Fourth Chakra (Heart)

You can warm up Figure 12-10 with massage. Then press there for fifteen seconds with your thumb. You can repeat it for seven times, in special, you left leg. It balances your blood pressure and your heart will pulse healthier. You can wrap yourself inside a blanket and take a rest. If you have time you can sleep for a while since it is so useful for you and it balances your power and it freshen your body.

Note: You can perform your massage with your Crystal.



Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Fourth Chakra

Figure 12-10



1.God is the tenderest, noblest and most elegant. Abdollatif is the one with open inner eyes and see inner beauty. We shall become tender to observe the Almighty God since it is impossible to see the Almighty God with harsh eyes.`

2.  One of Creative Exercises of Aram Master, however, I done it with my method:

You close your eyes and keep your tongue on your palate and then you try to release yourself from irritating thoughts but instead you think about happy memories. If you have no happy memory you can imagine it and then you can feel its happiness in your heart. You can praise that:

I present it to my Almighty God

I present it to my spiritual Teacher, Saints and honorable Masters

I present it to spiritual Assistants and Highness Angles.

Greeting and divine blessed for you




Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Twelve-petal Lotus bowing down exposed to the Kibleh  1

Like Elias is the object of worshipped before God, there is a place out of good practices

It trains you the hidden secret out of inner mysteries

The grieves stay in darkness and ask the fresh air from the gems 

Emerald is like a tunic may confidante it and worship in the Mihrab

This faith becomes your intimate, have you ever seen woolen garments and dervish

You show pink quartz as its flag and put on tourmaline

If you want go to the cosmos, you shall turn aloeswood in the house

Like kind pure drop, the happiness rooted from pleasure

Why body is the temple of divine love? Since this house built from the divine light

If you can you shall learn wisdom from our temple and train human being, privately





1.Fourth Energy Chakra











Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi


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