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A Description of Seventh Chakra (Tisratil)

White Light and immortal energy of cosmos derives from love and blessing ocean of Almighty God enter into human being like a waterfall upon passing the superior world in the form of illuminated column. This column joins us through Crown Chakra and then it diffuses the colors of rainbow to meet the supply the cosmic energies of other Chakras. Therefore, we may receive vital energy for surviving inside vibrations of Earth and vibrations of Superior Worlds like a diamond1 since it receives white light from crown for rainbow2 diffusion. Is diamond able to save the divine energy to energize the human being? However, many of gems energizes the human being, in special, it becomes more elegant upon brilliance cut.

Seventh Chakra











White Light

A part of Crown

Now, you shall focus on your fontanel which is called salvation point, where soul enters into body upon birth and leave the body upon death. It is assumed the real place of soul and third womb of brain. This Chakra is indefinite frequency to absorb energy. When energy turns freely inside our Nadis, all systems and Chakras may be balanced to elevate our life for showing our real mission or insight. Upon passing this Chakra, we will understand the meaning of unity with cosmos and integrate with divine soul. We understand that we shall leave the Earth; therefore, we have to become ready.

While passing Seventh Chakra since you have, already, passed many experiences on the Earth for elevation, you will reach beyond veils and vibrations. Upon you meditate on this Chakra; you will complete your travel of Chakras and fortify your relationship with heaven. You focus on white immortal flowing energy on your Crown Chakra while opening yourself to the brown energy of the Earth. You imagine yourself inside the elevated Chakra and present your pure soul to your Almighty God.

I present it to my Almighty God,

I appreciate you since I flow from the immortal springs of love and limpid brook of blessing.

Not to deny us from your love and blessing.

Specifications of Seventh Chakra (Sahasrara)

-          Name: Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

-          Sunbow: Thousand-petal Lotus in white with light violate and golden seeds

-          Meaning: Infinity (Now it is time to be united with your God) 

-          Place: Fontanel 

-          Symbol: Circle

-          Specification: Realization

-          Element: Pure Soul

-          Practical Reaction: Inner Salvation

-          Glands: Pituitary Gland

-          Duty: Absolute Existence

-          Horoscopy of Relevant Planets: Capricorn, Saturn, Pisces, Neptune

-          Music: Chordophones Instruments, LA, strong and bass note and minor gamut, vowel M (Symphony No. 7 LA Major of Beethoven)

-          Praise: (Alnor) God is a light that surrounded the world, Mantra OM. The gate of heart is superior mind that its light diffuses from Seventh Chakra.

-          Balance of Chakra: Cosmic Awareness, Reach to Heaven, Reach to beyond Duality and establish all benevolence patterns and overtake in good deeds; unify and reach to the eternal salvation.

-          Imbalance of Chakra:  Schizophrenia, presence of NTT upon ascending the soul and as a result Brain Disorders, Pineal Gland, Visual and Hearing Disorders, Nervous Disorders, Dental Decay, Gum Infection, Alopecia.

-          Perfumes and Curative Oils: Cannabis ( to relieve Edema and Nervous Pains inside Ears), Lavender Oil, Laurus Nobilis, Valerian, Cinnamon Oil, Date Oil (full of Vitamin E)    

-          Herbal Vegetables and Waters: Cinnamon (You shall brew 20 gr. of cinnamon to remove stress, Obsessive and other mental Disorders), Hiperico (You shall boil 20 gr. of hiperico into one liter of boiling water and drink one cup before eating lunch to heal migraine, epilepsy, headache and Sciatalgia) Thymus Vulgaris (If you brew it, it will be good for pumping blood to your head and face)

-          Therapeutic Stones: Diamond, Moonstone, Quartz, Pearl, Amethyst, Violate Crystal since it increase metabolism, in special, it is useful for diabetics and mental disorders and it also heal migraine and stress. It is useful for memory.

-          Kundalini Awakening: Upon Kundalini vibrations penetrate into fontanel , it exit from Crown Chakra to new place of awareness which locates beyond sight of human being, then, human being will be connected to truth and realm of awareness. Suddenly, the curtains will be removed and Vacuum becomes meaningful.

How to Work on Seventh Chakra (Sahasarara)

You cover your Mihrab with white prayer carpet, if you wear white dress, you will unify upon meditation. You inflame white, golden and violate candles and perfume your Mihrab with white flowers (in white, yellow and violate vase) and use volatile as well. Olibanum Oil and Valerian have better effects. You try to perform energizing exercise before you start to meditate on Seventh Chakra (Crown). First of all, you prepare a white, gossamer and elegant material with 1.5 widths. The length of material is depends on your option. You can keep the materials among your middle finger and forefinger. You can go east-side for seven footsteps. You stretch out your hands while keeping materials. Then you can release yourself like a bird and enjoy of dancing material behind your body. When you return, at the starting point, you can raise your hands above your head and observe the dancing material. Then, you turn around for seven times. At the beginning of turning, you keep your hands at your right and left sides, respectively, and raise them above your head. You can turn round your hands, slightly (tip of your fingers shall be toward your shoulder). You breathe the energy through inhalation and exhalation seven times, eagerly.

Then you can sit on your Mihrab, slowly and keep stone or gem of this Chakra. (You can use white Quartz instead of other stones) You can touch your head, affectionately and gently and feel your presence on the holy point. It is good fortune for you to meditate, heartfelt. Now, you enter into infinity, mysterious system of cosmos. You try not to see other than God and not to think other than God to calm your heart. You can praise, Ya Latifa and let your heart become tender and fill it with love. You can discharge your mind from past, current and future thoughts. You can concentrate on blossoming of a thousand and one white lotuses which spread their petals in a pool of pure soul.

If you observe anything without prejudice, you will see your spiritual assistant like a divine angle in white silk decorated in golden rings who is in a white, violate and yellow flowers crown with a diamond in middle of it, an enlighten waterfall is flowing from her golden hairs into Crown Chakra. You imagine that his hazel-nut eyes gaze at you, affectionately. 

Healing and therapeutic energy of cosmos will flow into your organs from the heart of spiritual creature like a limpid and exciting stream through Crown Chakra. Then it penetrates into the deepest and the most tenders physical and spiritual layers of your body. You ask him to support you with his colorful wings to lead you to the salvation and welfare peak. You repeat your praise, tuneful for seven times then you become ready to enter into silence room and keep yourself inside paradise existence.

Every pleasure event happens in this Chakra. Therefore, you become ready for event to be happened in order to meet your unify with your God. Upon you understand this unity, the real goal of Earthy life will be revealed to you. As far as you feel well, you stay in your silence room. You fly into opened layers of Thousand of Infinity. You believe in your freedom and you shall select and experience it then you can pass your time in heavenly attitude, then you try return to your environment, slowly. Now you can see your wants, momentary. Now, your wants are of no consideration and you will not be irritated if you didn't reach your wants. You awareness to open the locks has been increased. No problems may be created since the coded keys are kept by your blessed hands to open the blocked matters. You feel enlightened energy that surrounded you and turn around it to stay in pleasure attitude. Whenever you like you can write down your feelings, sentiments and experiences from your inner travel. You understand that real travel does not mean to see new places. Real travel means to have new views and change your attitude.

Massage Therapy of Palm Seventh Chakra (Sahasarara)

The palm of right hand has been energized and it excites the energy to be circulated in your body and to be increased. The palm of left hand has negative energy which relaxes as well as it has the balanced energy. It prevents the energy to be accumulated. The energy of behind your palms is more than your palms. If your energy has been accumulated, you can use your left hand, more but if you feel weakness, you can use right hand, more. You massage the shown points of figure 12-15 and warm there then you shall keep the shown points among your fingers and press there for seven seconds (Then you leave there for seven seconds). You can repeat it for seven times. It is possible to use clips for pressure.




Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Seventh Chakra

Figure 12-15

How to Work on Main Part of Seventh Chakra (Sahasarara)

You can use your fingers to find special points to massage and energize your head. The most reflective centers of your organs located there; therefore, you shall massage them gently. If you use the middle finger, it will result better. You try not to press your skin but massage the bones under your skin.

You can grasp your hair. It arouses the reflective centers of your body. You hit your head, thoroughly, with steel or wooden brush, the root of your hair will be fortified.

Massage Therapy of Sole Seventh Chakra (Sahasarara)

You massage the reflective points of figure 12-16 to find the painful points and press there well. If you feel that your pressure has been dropped, you can keep your little finger among two other fingers, strongly. You shall repeat it to balance your blood pressure. While exhaustion, you can press the shown point of big toe to remove your exhaustion.

You can active the energizing generator of your body with massage the shown points. It is possible the bones of your skull to get caught into each other due to trapping medullary which is not flown. It results in weakness of muscles.

Diseases and disorders shall be treated upon diagnosed by a specialist. However, you can prevent such diseases and disorder by massage. 


Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Seventh Chakra

Figure 12-16



1. Diamond is the most favorite gem of the world which is called king of gems. It is made of carbon (9.99%). The name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek αδάμας (adámas), "unbreakable". The formation of natural diamond requires very specific conditions—exposure of carbon-bearing materials to high pressure at depth of between 120 and 200 kilometers of earth. Diamonds have been treasured as gemstones since their use in Ancient India and the oldest diamond found 2500 year before Birth of Christ. It is cube, hardness: 10, fracture: 2/417-2/420; density: 3/51-3/53; It is of able to be heated and its fracture may be repaired; melting point; 3820° Calvin)

2. The diffusion of white light is violate, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red

3.    Quartz: It is a common variety of Sio2 which is crystallized to create six-angle prism in different colors. Amethyst, Yellow Citrine, Smoky Quartz, and Colorless Crystal considered as primary magic. It is Six-angle crystal, hardness: 7, fracture: 1/544-1/553; density: 2/66; Its fracture may be repaired.






Seventh Chakra (Sahasarara)

Imperial feasts are being held in no-local1

Realm to infinity which become holy by diamond2

It is symbol of pure soul and unity which realizes the union3

Like a swing4 cradle, it relaxes for a while

Body is like a cradle of human, free from satori and

If you seek a support from cycles, you can find it next to a king5

While praying, there is a pure gem which is white and silver from the Earth

It helps you lovely and comb the ringlets

You seek truths and symbols, definite for you from indefinite

Nahid is aware of many narration, you read its poem whenever you feel inclination









1. It indicates Crown Chakra and immortal source of light which is enriched from God

2. Diamond: The hardness of diamond is more than other gems. It has founded in India, primarily. The Indians believed that diamonds are talisman to generate the power, wealth, youth and bliss.

3. The soul will reach to its origin, the Almighty God, upon balance Energy Chakra.

4. Soul is like a child that uses the body to live in the Earth, temporary.

5. If you want to get rid of bad deeds and temptations of Satan, you shall follow the Divine Messengers and Masters. It is useful to use white Crystal like Diamond or Quartz to purify your deeds then you can be supported by Masters. 









Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi


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