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Second Chakra


A Description of Second Chakra

Second Chakra is six-petal lotus shaped in orange locates at below navel. It locates at the most important center of absorbing the love, therefore, if we create positive vibrations inside second Chakra, we may create correct affections then center of our love and elegance will blossom day by day. Upon we create balance for this Chakra; the energy will flow in Nadis, freely and it causes our creativity and self-respect. When we perform charitable acts, it means that we respect to our holiness and we observe privacy of others, as well.

Whole positive and negative forces of world and even inside our scope of energy are standing beside each other, so, our selection and reaction determines our salvation or deviation. Determinism does not determine it, at all. Positive forces such as optimism, benevolence, generosity, good sexual appeal, happiness out of divine inspiration cause the angle to sing, as a result, this scope will become a holy center for love and inner elegance; finally, it will present us physical, mental and spiritual health.

If mind of human respect its limitations, it will change to the developing spacecraft to elevate to the divinity.

If you focus on the Second Chakra, holy water will nurture the lotus of scope of energy, so the petals of lotus will expose to the sky to receive the divine bless from angles and Masters. If you perform your exercises, daily, you will understand that you receive great wisdom, gradually, and your cosmic awareness will improve and makes you an optimistic and kind person. Then you will become a person who accepts truths of life with tenderness and patience and help others and yourself to live better. Although, you will be surrender to the divine will, surely. It will transparent your scope of energy and due to its transparency, you will be of able to absorb the good intentions. Finally, everyone respects your good treatment and behaviors.

Although other evil attitudes and behaviors such as lie, lust, envy, disgust, cruelty, robbery, cupidity, and in special, insignificant mental complex produces dependency and dependency will result in wear a yoke with beauty appearance. By the way the nature of yoke is the same; it is similar to purchase the luxury goods, something that a person cannot afford to pay them but as far as he is envious of someone else he believes that he has to purchase them, this jealously will result in debts, then he will try to get rid of debt through illegal acts such as robbery and even worse acts to gain income.

It will darken the scope of energy and holy waters of body will become a polluted swamp and close the petals of lotus, this darken and polluted place will multiply NTT1 and will become stronger to govern on personality of that person. The mentioned person won't be able to see God or praise the divine song, if you hear praise of mentioned person, accidently, he won't be able to understand their meanings. Therefore, he will suffer from grief or mislead by deceitful entertainment. Doubt and continuous stress will inject poison in the body and person will become sick. In such a case, we shall balance Chakras through different ways such as pure stone2 to transparent his energy since he is not able to hear the truths, therefore, we have to help him to purify his polluted scope of energy and eradicate NTT in order to provide him a chance to help himself.


Specifications of Second Chakra (Swadhistana)

  • Name: Sacral Chakra (Swadhistana)

  • Sunbow: Six-Petal lotus in orange and light red (Light color means growth and spiritual connection. Dark colors means governance of unawareness)

  • Meaning: Holy place

  • Place: At the end of belly ( Between the pubic and the navel)

  • Symbol: Moon crescent

  • Element: Water (Hydrotherapy help the Second Chakra)

  • Practical Reaction: It connects with nerve system, Adrenal Glands, Prostate Gland and Spermatozoon. 

  • Glands: Genital, Oval, Testicle, Prostate

  • Horoscopy of relevant Planets: the Cancer, the Venus, the Crab, the Scorpio

  • Music: Copper Instruments (Symphony No. 9 of Beethoven ), Sound of nature such as water flow and sing of birds

  • Praise: O' Strong, God is unique, the most powerful and indefatigable untiring, Mantra (VAM)

  • Balance of Chakra: Self-Reliance, Patience and toleration, Resistance against problems, this Chakra is the origin of insight.

  • Imbalance of Chakra: Diabetes, leukemia, sexual disability, hepatic and bladder diseases and lack of self-reliance results in become tormentor and masochism.

  • Perfumes and Curative Oils: Garden Sage, Jasmine, Sandalwood.

  • Herbal Vegetables and Waters: Chronic Fatigue (A syrup made of the Essence of Quince and Lemon), Nervous disorders (Steamed valerian), Anemia (Steamed ginger), Fortifying (Steamed fennel, Bugloss, Corn poppy)

  • Fruits: Juicy Fruits such as Peach, Apricot, Mango, Water Melon.

  • Therapeutic Stones and Crystals: Carnelian, Fiery Opal, Fiery Agate and Jasper, Coral

The Most Important Stones: Moonstone, Pierre-de, Burdock Root and Lune

  • Kundalini Awakening: Second Chakra will manifest intuition at the positive vibrations but it results in excessive lust and rudeness at negative vibrations

How to Work on Second Chakra (Swadhistana)

  •  You cover your Mihrab with orange cloth and beautify your holy place with orange flowers and candles. You may find the mentioned stones and wash it with water and then place it inside a glass of water and perfume there with a frankincense and volatile to purify the environment.

  • To write down the praise of Second Chakra in orange and keep it opposite yourself. You can be in orange (colored)

  • To do physical exercise prior to meditation. You can sit down on your heels upon you bend your knees and keep your palms on your knees. Then, you can draw back your hands and bow down (close your head and forehead to the ground). Then stretch your hand at the back. If you prefer to stand up, keep your legs at the distance of hip joint and straight your vertebral column. Upon you straight your vertebral column, you bend down and close your head toward Earth and then you open your hands at your flanks, hip joint and shoulders. You bend down without any extra pressure. You stretch your hands perpendicularly and send out cricks. After all, you focus on sacral Chakra at 5 cm. below your navel. You feel that energy moves from this Chakra toward your arms and hands, repeat it for seven times. You stretch out your arm, while breathing in and keep them above your head, while breathing out. You turn your palms to the sky and stretch out your hands at the back of yourself. (Then you return to your first position, on your knees and repeat it for seven times.)

  • To focus on water opposite yourself and welcome to the origin of holy flowing waters inside you. Now, your inner moon is shining on your rose garden. You focus on the flowing liquids inside your body. You imagine blood circulation toward your heart and from your heart toward your cells; you see angles in orange are assisting you. You imagine that your veins look likes rivers flow toward Wisdom Ocean. You swim in the same river and attention that about 60-80 percent of body is water. Our body is similar to the Earth, our Mother, filled with water. It is holy water that flow in the holy places of body. Holy water creates celestial energy.

  • To praise and enter into temple of your body. You try to hear their message1. Now, it is time to focus on your life as the targeted process, intelligently, on orange-colored scope of energy, as the center of love, excitement and happiness as well as center of fear and unhappiness. You try to connect with your spiritual leader and Master to ask for guidance and support. I assure you that they are ready to help you and if you gain the spiritual eyes, surely, all veils will be removed. You will fill with joyful due to connection with angles. The angles will change your problems to love. Therefore, you start to praise and keep quiet and stay in the corridor of silence. You stay there since the most important events happen here and now. If you mediate there, you will surely develop your awareness inside your body and assist to your evolution and growth. You can open your eyes, calmly and raise your hands and keep your palms toward sky. The moon inside you will be shinning. After all, you write down your message or lessons with orange pencil in your notebooks in order to discover the secret of prosperous, later on. You drink the glass of water in which there is a gem to be healed. You keep your stones in your hands and prepare yourself for the healing massage upon meditation      

  •   Massage Therapy of Hand Swadhistana (Second Chakra                      If you massage the shown point (Figure 12-5), your bladder disease will be healed, your spinal column will strengthen and your pelvis will balance. If you suffer from castrodynia, upon completion the massage, press your reaction center trice for three proccess with your thumb and let it loose.


Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Second Chakra

Figure 12-5

Massage Therapy on Main Place of Swadhistana (Second Chakra)

If you massage your second Chakra, your colon will be balanced and improve operation of your anus. First of all, you press your middle finger, fiery finger, five centimeter below your navel (since it reflects more energy) and let it loose and repeat it seven times around your navel. After that, you press your forefinger trice for three seconds inside your navel. Do you feel the palpitation? Wherever you feel more palpitation, you shall press there more to receive more energy. 

Massage Therapy of Sole Swadhistana (Second Chakra)

You can warm up the sensitive points of your sole with massage. Then you can keep your sole between your hands and press there with your thumb, seven times and let it loose (Figure 12-6)

  • (Massage the left sole for healing your anus and massage your right sole for healing your bladder) repeat all massage and press with your gem or stone and enjoy from it. You prepare to enjoy your moments filled with joyous and freshness. You fill your heart with love and energy and participate in the divine feast.

Second Chakra (Swadhistana)

Carnelian and orange agate to blossom six-petal lotus 1

Love PRAANA around auras look likes light of moon around cup

It spread to heal the damaged Sacral 2

Carnelian act coyly to heal the pains, Healer commences the healing

If you want to leave the grief, the crystal fills you with happiness

The mother-of-pearls inside water to nurture pearl

Lik Pearl, the love is the slave and coral 3 can be used for healing

Saki and cup of wine, veil covers the other veil

Be happy and send affection to manifest your presence in this world

Determinism and selection knit your love

Your horoscope will not achieved by determinism, since you can choose it

If you respect yourself, Swadhistana may heal you








Footnote :

1. Mistake patterns and negative events

2. Holy, to be connected

3. You deliver this message to the youngsters, specially, in order not to waste their useful and holy energies for bad imitations. Alas, divine blessing is corrupted by deteriorative thoughts and damage human.

4.six-petal lotus of Second Chakra

5. Sacral Chakra

6. Coral balances energy and make it conform with elevated goals




Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi


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Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Second Chakra

Figure 12-6


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