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Sixth Chakra


A Description of Sixth Chakra

The Sixth Chakra, Ajna1, is the principal focus of knowledge, science and mysterious and all Gnostics may communicate with heavenly centers upon meditation on Sixth Chakra then enter into beyond material awareness. This Chakra locates above eyebrows, at the center of forehead, and it is called TISRATIL. The mind may become transparent upon meditation on knowledge focus and it produces insight. This inner view in the dark night of soul will be messenger of lights. Two YIN and YANG good and evil forces or two LDA and PINYALA python pass through Root Chakra to reach Ajna Chakra opposite each other. These forces are manifestation of darkness and brightness. You can select either human or animal natures, then visit your selection, the angles are standing next to you with their positive vibrations and negative vibration. You look at all your valuable matters, pleasantly. Haven't you ever deceived yourself? Haven't you ever satisfied your selfish, in the name of good deeds?

Moulavi indicated to seven Chakra regarding binary of self (good-evil):

You endowed tree and its cloak and trees blossomed out of your wine

If you drunken me from trees, I will laugh others like a pomegranate

Good and evil forces are standing next to you to be selected. If you believe in God and praise, your belief may help you to choose the correct one. Your attitude will improve you and your irregularity will be transformed to regularity. Then, if you meditate on this Chakra, regularly, you can balance2 your eastern and western hemispheres

Upon you research to your Sixth Chakra, you try to be honest with yourself and be your identities. You praise that I am the only reality and you don't afraid of your foolishness. Everyone may be fool and your foolishness may bring the experiences of your life and help you to take form.

Specifications of Sixth Chakra (TISRATIL) Third Eye Bindu

  • Name: Ajna   Third Eye Bindu (Brow Chakra)

  • Sunbow: Azure, Violet

  • Meaning: Insight (It is time to have pleasure time with your God)

  • Place: Stomata, Center of Forehead 

  • Symbol: Two head of Snake and Wing of Eagle

  • Specification: Revelation and Visitation

  • Element: Darkness and Brightness

  • The Knowledge of World

  • Practical Reaction: Place of Knowledge, Focus of Insight, Gate toward God, Operation of Brain

  • Glands: Pinal, Pituitary Gland

  • Horoscopy of relevant Planets: Jupiter, Sagittarius, Uranus, Aquarius, Neptune, Pisces

  • Music: Percussion and Clavier Instruments, Compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Modern Music, E Vowel, (C Major)

  • Praise: Insightful, Albasir, (God is insightful), (God located the most profound eye inside TISRATIL and called it insightful eye) (Mantra KASHAM)

  • Balance of Chakra: correct spiritual awareness, reach to real pure love beyond normal love and wisdom, Release from bondage of mind. It is suggested to look at water, in special, image of moon in the water. The operation of greedy person will impair Chakra and person not be blessed by divine grace1.

  • Imbalance of Chakra:  To practice with strict self-discipline out of fear, masochism, negative arousal, false Gnostic Appeal, Hallucination in receiving yourself which will result in physical diseases, endocrine disorders, nervous disorders, migraine, headache, visual disorder, sinusitis, learning disorders, laziness, blindness, deafness and insomnia.

  • Perfumes and Curative Oils: Sandal Wood, Frankincense (Peppermint, Jasmine)  

  • Herbal Vegetables and Waters: Sena (you shall brew 10 Sena leaves in water and then mix olive oil. It heals migraine. You can drink Cinnamon Tea or Cinnamon Juice for healing hearing disorder). Vitamin A & C are useful for blindness.

  • Therapeutic Stones:

  • (Violate Amities) If you keep it in the middle your forehead while praising, it does not only treat disorders but also develop mysterious knowledge and open third eye. It also can remove addiction.

  • Hawkeye: it strengthen eyesight

  • (Ofil-De-Favcon) It balances praise and we enjoy of relationship with Almighty God.

  • Black Tourmaline: it protects us from affection by an evil eye, accusation, jealousy, doubt.

  • Quartz: Lavender for inspiration

  • Azulite (Precious Stone for this Chakra which will strengthen muscles and purify the character and remove the negative thoughts)

  • Sapphire: Azure, Jet, Azurite

  • Fruits and Vegetable for Fortifying Sixth Chakra: vegetables like parsley, apples, and salad and fresh fruits.

  • Kundalini Awakening: Upon positive vibrations and PRAANA reach AJNA or third eye, a person may forgive others and he/she doesn't intend to take revenge of others and ignore their mistake of wrongdoers and try to pray even for foes and seek salvation for wrongdoers.

  • A place filled with calmness, passion and loveliness expects you. Now, hawk of freedom and wisdom waits to place you on its luminous wings and then fly to sky to be exited from your inner darkness and through away whatever irritates you. You may cover your Mihrab with cerulean or violet prayer carpet and use all colors of rainbow such as colorful candles, volatile and etc. to decorate your holy place. If you can meditate on your Sixth Chakra before dawn, your spiritual contemplation may be increased, upon ascending. You shall do energizing exercise prior to meditation.

    You turn for seven times while first turning, you hang your hands beside your body, while second turning, you turn your right palm in form of a cup upside and while third turning, you turn your left palm in form of a cup downside, as a result, you will receive energy of left side from the Earth, mother, and you will receive energy of right side from sky father. Then, you turn anti-clockwise, slowly. Let your hand to be hanged and finally to be reached to your shoulders, upon 7th turn. You may go on until you feel pleasure. Now, sit down on your Mihrab and light your candles and praise like KASHAM or Basir. You shall be relax and calm and breath, slowly.

    Now, you start to meditate from first Chakra (Root) upward. You shall meditate on each Chakra for three minutes, at least each one for seven minutes, at most. You shall imagine active and transparent vibrations in red. You imagine orange beam while meditating on second Chakra. You third Chakra will be illuminated with golden beam of sun. You imagine green color of flower bouquets mosque and then you add light pink color. You imagine blue color of sky upon reaching to fifth Chakra and then add blue color of sea to it. Then, you see lovely eyes of your inner Master like an ocean of love and blessing who call you to the permanent safety. (You focus on cerulean and violet. Now, you reached to sixth Chakra, it is of most possible you see black bullet on your forehead, you try to focus on black bullet while coming forward. A black point goes to-and-fro; you try to trace it, calmly. You see radiant of waves while radiating or hear the sound of music like harp and reed or sounds like HOO or whistle of train. You concentrate on lights and sounds, you shan't afraid, at all. You open yourself to receive the divine gift and try not to expect, anymore. You will receive your spiritual blessing. You shall be appreciative since you concealed all heaven treasures like divine blessing, knowledge, fortune and love inside yourself to accompany you. You release yourself while ascending and stay in the moment, pleasurely and then you feel your surroundings. You move your fingers and open your eyes. I wish you to be blessed by the divine love and blessing.  Now, it is time to write down your experiences on your notebook.

    Massage Therapy of Palm Sixth Chakra (Ajna)

    These reflective centers (Figure 12-13) may deliver the energy to the center of Sixth Chakra. You press your thumb on them and then you press there with turning move and you continue it for 10 seconds if you feel pain to remove pain. (It is of most possible to press painful part for two or three days, consecutively to heal the painful part.)

Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Sixth Chakra

Figure 12-13

How to Work on Main Part of Sixth Chakra (Ajna)

You can massage on your temporal bones at the edge of eyebrows with turning move. If you want to relax the muscles of your eye you can massage the reflective centers of your eyes with your middle fingers. In fact, you energize there with forefingers, but you try not to massage your eyes, more than enough.

You can rub your palms upon meditation and keep your palm on your eyes in such a manner that to lock your fingers and not to see lights, anymore. You shall keep your palm like a bowl to open your eyes on your palms. You shall wait for minutes to be enabled to see in the darkness. Relaxation may affect all nervous system, you sit straight without moving. You turn your eyes up, right and down and then turn to up, left and down. You shall turn your eyes, slowly; you look to your front and back. Your exercise is useful for the muscles of your eyes.

Massage Therapy of Sole Sixth Chakra (Ajna)

You embrace your legs and you massage reflective points (figure 12-14) with your forefingers and … you can spend more times for painful points and then you can press your toes for ten seconds with your thumb. If you have time, you can press there seven times for ten seconds.


Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Sixth Chakra

Figure 12-13



1. Ajna Chakra: It is the center for connecting three Canals of energy (AIDA, PINGALA, SOSHOMNA). The human awaken upon mingles Cosmic, Lunar and Solar energies. It results in clear sightedness and hearing, telepathy and anticipation.

2. I see mingle of seven in one, its lights penetrates into heaven

Seven become one  again and my drunkenness become niggard



3.  Connections among candles which may not be expressed by language

I tried to search candles to know the secrets of the Great God







Sixth Chakra (Ajna)

You wrapped yourself in just a long garment, the aura1 of cerulean

Two vipers inside Kundalini2, you will see a lotus inside cycle

For the meaning of insight become gentle and escape from bestializing

The affection is running inside the spring and there is a river from insight

Gnostic quietness filled you due to your lovely inner Master

Harpist plays the harp to fill your hollow mind

Create a new design from this empty mind to provide you a pure garment for your surviving

Glean the gems from its cluster to sit next to his insight

Pass from music of gems and prevent from evil thoughts

Malachite relieves pains3 and Azulite4 removes stress and anxiety

The freshness of soul will be added to visual if moonstone reveals its miracle5

Sapphire6 placed on forehead may energize for enlightening

If you pray Amen like Gnostics, your third-eye, Hawk-eye7, will be opened




1. Third Eye

2. Kundalini Python passes the Chakras and its heads opposites each other in the Sixth Chakra to present the inner insight.

3. Malachite Stone: It is made of copper carbonate in dark green. It reacts against water, acid and heat. It clears blood and heals the cataract. It heals not developed cancers. It is useful for poisoning, wound, inflammation, Asthma, kids diseases, arteriosclerosis and Parkinson.

4. Azulite: It prevents stress and anxious in the body. It creates good-nature and realizes our dreams. It shall be kept in the sea salt and not to be washed with water. It clears the eye-sight while meditation.

5. If you want to strengthen the eye-sight, you shall keep it inside water and look at it.

6.Sapphire: Indigno Sapphire is a precious gem useful for clear-sightedness (It is stone of intellectual), Sapphire has high vibrations and powers and it helps those looking for inner reality. It is impossible to describe its advantages since it shall be explained in detail in a book. ( It shall be kept in sea salt and to be charged by sunlight for an hour)

7. Hawk-eye may strengthen eye-sight (It is useful for evil eye) it heals migraine and balances the Sixth Chakra and it protects eyes (It shall be washed upon using)   









Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi


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