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Third Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, Nabhi

A Description of Third Chakra

Third Chakra is infrasternal and it is considered as source of force and as element of fire, it controls good and evil nature, digestive system as well as concupiscence and peaceful remorse.

Fire is a governor that can either destroy or create; the quality of using this element depends upon the human qualities and inner thoughts. Pride and self-praise will eradicate feelings and change us as masochism and tormentor. It is a celestial message that indicates us we are not ready to receive divine gifts, however, we can enjoy from vital element of Third Chakra on condition that we have good manners and character to live in the eternal prosperity and become ready to elevate lovely in divine indefinite.

Specifications of Third Chakra (Manipura)

  • Name: Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, Nabhi; it is called city of jewelry  

  • Sunbow: Ten-Petal lotus in yellow (Yellow color can purify infectious and heal sciatica pains)

  • Meaning: Inner Sun

  • Place: Infrasternal

  • Symbol: Reversed Triangle

  • Specification: Control Feeling and Inward Forces

  • Element: Fire

  • Practical Reaction: To Accept the Divine Will, Lovely.

  • Glands: Pancreatic and Nervous System of Belly

  • Relevant Organs: Belly, Stomach, Nervous System, Nervous and Digestive System, Liver, Spleen.

  • Horoscopy of relevant Planets: the Virgo (Virgin), the Leo, Sagittarius (Mars)

  • Music: Membraphones, Small Drum, Timpani, Vowel O which is used for God (Note E Musical Note)

  • Praise: God is of able to cause for dying or living , you can praise whatever praise empower you, positively, Mantra (RAM)

  • Balance of Chakra: To live, simply and express your feelings and excitement, to enjoy and rejoice by lighting the Third Chakra; we can remove overflow of feelings and grief to purify soul. We can expose gold (24 karat is of preferable) to the sun and look at it in order to balance our Chakra.

  • Imbalance of Chakra: It causes us to make decision emotionally and irascibility, to be hot-tempered, to prejudice others, to become disappointed from grace of God, to be unable to understand the past negative feelings and experiences so that they stay in tender tissue result in sarcoma, clash, angers which produce quarrel.

  • Perfumes and Curative Oils: Rosemary, Juniper, Geranium, Ginger, Sesame Oil, Cinnamon Oil (Lavender Perfume)

  • Herbal Vegetables and Waters: Imbalance Palpitation (To brew 40 gr. of Lemon Balm in a liter of water and drink it in the morning and at noon and at night. It is harmful for low blood pressure), Digestive Diseases ( To brew 3 gr. of marigold in a steamed boiling water and drink it in the morning and at night)

  • Therapeutic Stones: Amber (It saves us from Satan and Jinn)

Citrine, Topaz, and Yellow and Golden Stones (Tiger's Eye Can remove financial strait and heal dyspnea and asthma. It is better you keep them while testing) Yellow Agate can increase spiritual blessing and cosmic awareness like Sharaf Shams)

  • Fruits and Vegetable for Fortifying Third Chakra: Apple and Banana are useful fruits for weakness since enriched with Pectin and balance Third Chakra. Vegetables like Sweet Fennel and Cress are suggested, as well.

While healing Third Chakra, you shall not drink coffee, chocolate and tea since Methyl Xanthines1 is one of their ingredients.

  • Kundalini Awakening: During this process, person become Master and happiness manifest, upon completion this process, the same person observes the life like a spectator but he rejects the game since he believes that his organs shall be coordinated by Will of God.

How to Work on Third Chakra (Manipura)

  • You cover your Mihrab with a golden prayer carpet, enlighten the golden candles and write down your ideal praise with a golden marker (Almohi1). You try to leave the world and assure that the world is able to manage itself. Then, you smell the yellow flowers and place them in the flower vase. You can keep the golden gem or stones in your palms and balance it with aid of meditation and enlighten your inner holy fires (like Zoroaster who was guardian of the holy fire). The inner heat vivifies your life and grows up you, the element of this Chakra guarantee your survival. If you meditate, accurately, you can connect with universal soul of fire so that fire will reveal you its mysterious.   

  • Prior to meditation, you breathe PRAANA and sit cross-legged and breathe to enter your belly, fully, and then you can evacuate it. While, breathing out to evacuate your belly, fully. You shall breathe PRAANA, seven times (or perform Hi to Sun movements2 (Samasthite)). Then you can focus on a place above your navel. You can see your inner sun with golden rays and receive its energy. You shall be alert that this energy balance your metabolism and shan't be wasted. Positive thoughts, healthy food and rest may supply the necessary fuel of body, so you try to create balance between received energy and consumed energy.

  • You mention golden lotus and ask the kalon angle in yellow to take you to the upper level. The honeyed eyes will present you the best messages. You shall be informed that you pass to the city of jewelry or magical Island and now, Kundalini energy surrounds your last private Chakra (Heart Chakra above Third Chakra, is the First Cosmos Chakra).

I sorrow many years ago when my Master left me alone for a long period of time, one day I cried to know the reason of his inattention. He answered me that you don't need me to ask me anything since your positive vibration awakens your Kundalini force and nurture the magical Island of your mind. You can go to the elevated Chakras since you become a Master and I feel happy to inform you that you don't need in me or any other Master.

Narcissist may deceive seekers of divine's sake and injury them, seriously. Therefore, self-awareness is anticipated for spiritual independence of Gnostic located at magical island or Void Chakra to secure the Gnostic from further probable dangers.

  • You don't move and hear you message, continuously, since the divine message vibrate your cells.

  • You read your prais, (RAM) or praise its mantra or any other praise which energize you, more. You attention to the silence between your praises. You will be inspired all of inspiration. You can prolong your silence, as much as you want.

  • You open your eyes, slowly, you locate on your navel the golden gem that you keep it on your palms, then you imagine that your inner sun present you life, love and light. Then, you massage the same organ with your stone or gem then raise up your hands toward sky to outbreak heat and love and present it to whoever you love. You pray for yourself and all human and then you present your love, happiness or sorrow and pain to the Almighty God. The universe is waiting to say together Amen.

  • You sing Amen with OM seven times, then you write down on your notes, your feelings and experiences on your notebooks.

Note: Kundalini awakening may manifest happiness in the positive vibrations then it turns around void Chakra and transfer the human to reach the higher level to become a healer or Master.

Note: Upon you complete Massage, you shall keep your gem or stones inside diluted salty water to be purified and expose it to the sun to be charged.

Massage Therapy of Third Chakra (Manipura)

You warm up your palm with your opposite thumb and press your palm with tip of your finger thrice continuously and then you leave it you repeat it thrice. It shall not exceed than half or one second. (Figure 12-7)

If you massage the shown point, you will release from nervous pains and colic in your belly. If you press sensitive centers many of pains will be healed. This point controls the pain and pressure causes it to produce endorphin in the brain which is healer of pain.

Note: It is suggested to massage here with useful oils, in special, cold castor oil since it increases the circulation of white globules and disinfect the infections. It is better to pour the castor oil in a glass and wrap it inside a woolen material and nylon and then keep it in the refrigerator. Its temperature shall be the same of temperature your body while using.


Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Solar Chakra

Figure 12-7

Massage Therapy on Main Place of Manipura (Third Chakra)

You keep fingers of your hands 5 cm. above your naval and reach them together, slowly, and you massage there, with your tips. Then, you press there for half a second and raise your fingers one centimeter however your fingers shan't lose the touch with your skin, and then press below your finger for half a second and continue it until you reach your chest. This pressure will activate your reflexive centers below your stomach to act better.

Massage Therapy of Sole Third Chakra (Manipura)

You can warm up Figure 12-8 with massage. Then press there for seven times with tip of your fingers and leave there. You try to move your fingers and feel its heat. It is the same energy that activates Third Chakra and can heal castrodynia, hepatalgia, splenagia disorders of gall-bladder, pancreatic gland and small intestine. Upon you complete your massage; you repeat your massage with your therapeutic stone.

  •  To massage your right sole for healing your hepatalgia and massage your right sole for healing your cardialgia, castrodynia and splenagia.

  • You massage your both soles to strengthen your kindney, pancreas and back.   





1. Methyl Xanthines: It generates cystic fibrosis.

2. God is of able to force to die or revive. The prayer try to revive his heart died from awful world.

3. One of Yoga Exercises


Sensitive Centers for Fortifying Solar Chakra

Figure 12-8


Third Chakra (Manipura)

I took a rest with garments of Dervish; you have shinned like a sun on six-petal lotus1

From citrine cluster, from golden tourmaline2 to sweeter wisdom, from colorful gems

Like Zoroastrian fire temple, to secret mystery, from symbols of inner suns out of coast

Golden topaz3 to final charms, transparent and healing crystals of freedom

The lovers are master of love at the bridal chamber of life; we greet and wish the health for believers

The breath of Jesus vivify through a praise, PRANA is created from praise of pray

The angles of gems from road of illumination, every night; sweet-singing angles praise name of God

They suppress your grieves to provide you chance to take a rest; and after a while, a rainbow will shine





1. It means Solar Chakra or six-petal Chakra

2. Tourmaline is a complicated silicate gem in different colors and every color has its healing use and it inspires artists.

3. Topaz is a kind of gem (F,oH)2, (Al2 Sio4). It prevents from mental disorders.





Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi


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