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PRAANA (Particles of Love)

PRAANA are vital energies of divine cosmos which are called air, by mistake. PRAANA stream with air to enter into our body. PRAANA is a Sanskrit word consists of PRA means before and ANA means air. There is story about Opanishad narrates us that PRAANA was a king who divided works among his ministers.

All holy schools and many of cultures know PRAANA in different names. Chinese call it Chi (Yaki) the Greek call it Pneuma  and Arabic call it breath. Avicenna called it Life and Common people call it energy. PRAANA has three main sources: Sun, Air, and Earth.

If human attracts PRAANA, intelligently, human may increase his energy for better evolution and human can be transformed to superhuman and man can be transformed to superman and even can reach to the higher position which is called Godlike. Some places have PRAANA more than other places and wherever there is not enough PRAANA due to bad weather or bad mental conditions, many people afflict with diseases.

(I have discovered best centers of PRAANA in Iran and I wish to pray there for public health)

If we focus on bodies and Chakra, correctly, we will lead to nature of human being, and we will be abled to clean mental pollutions and destroy defected PRAANA which causes bad operation of cycles and darkness the color of auras. Islam told us many sources for leaving things and joining to their nature.

We can focus on feeling to reach our animal instincts and drown into swamp of carnal desires where NTT will born (Negative mental events, a kind of Jinn), but, on the contrary, we can create balance to receive PRAANA within the Chakra of our body, in special, If we active the forehead Chakra and Crown Chakra, we will receive knowledge more than divine angles. God is love and PRAANA are particles of love.

Our body is a temple in where soul may be manifested by particles of love to approach to the central part of God’s love.

Body is temple of God’s love and if we want to create depth relationship with God, we shall open the doors of scope of energy, the scope of energy of human or temple of body is guarded by pure and holy spirits. Islam calls them writers of eloquence and other religions call it differently. These holy spirits records status of souls and provide his/her report card. The other pure spirits are assistants and guards who may help us while difficulty.

During my personal experience, while my soul was flying, I witnessed that these spiritual angles who shows the most evolution of kalon of God are waiting eagerly to convey our pray before God and present us the commandment of response to our praying. They compete from each other to bless people and present them their love, unconditionally.

If man tenderize his/her soul and perform blessing deeds in this world, he may connect with spiritual social worker to provide illuminated road via torchlight from fire of divine love to reach certainty and provide more awareness in this world.

 How Body Receive Energy via PRAANA

Within praise or meditation, PRAANA moves toward our body and fill our Bioplasmic body 1 with vital energy (PRAANA) which will be streamed by canal of energy and cause our joy and nutrition. If our auras constrict due to negative thoughts such as anger and hate, its molecular structure will reject most of PRAANA and speed of light will be decreased in our body resulted in dark reflection around our body and it will hurt us mentally and spiritually and our relatives and friends all around us.

So, we shall be cautious for choosing our friends and spouse in order to prevent bad vibrations persons to enter into our scope of energy. If a person inflect his body because of redemption out of praise, praying, meditation or by positive beliefs, the illuminated rays will absorb holy PRAANA and his companions will be graced from his reflections since expanded spectrum of joyful energy will enter into scope of energy of our relatives and friends. Whoever lives with insightful persons do need not perform therapeutic methods via auras since they locate within positive scope of energy of an insightful person and their auras will absorb positive energy and their mental and spiritual freshness is apparent and became more flexible.

However it shall be indicated that the flexibility of everyone depends upon his real surrender to his God. The other major point is that we shall breath with awareness and consciousness to facilitate the current of PRAANA  and supply our needed energy since all our deeds are based upon the presence of our mind (Therefore we shall be attentive to our life, in special, to our breath)

Capsule of Love

Usage the capsule of love is the best methods for clearing the PRAANA. If you want to sign on the scene of life, you mix capsule of love with incantation and then fly. True love rooted in true surrender. It will blossom by praying and its smell is the same real joyful. Incarnation, repetitious quarrel and reconciliation may close the mind and make it possible to attain to the worshipped.  While praying or benevolence for others, if an insightful sits next to you, he will see that your angles and angles of the person who is asked for benevolence surrounded you to appreciate you. As far as angles are carrying positive PRAANA, they will give you positive PRAANA result in physical, mental and spiritual health. (Since we believe that curse and pray returns to us), although if you curse someone or have negative intention about others, you will absorb your Jinn, negative events, besides negative events of others, so they motivate you to curse more.

I assure you that negative events carry negative PRAANA which will accumulate within your scope of energy and afflict you with physical diseases and mental disorders. Just, Capsule of love may heal your pains and disorders out of maliciousness.

If you energize by capsule of love, you will be erudite in its donation. Human being absorbs toward and driven away from each other by their surrounding energy. The recipients of energy try to gain control of others and influence on them for example the apparently oppressed persons are energy stealer it results in family disputes or competition for kingdom or lovely competitions. If we want to recognize our identity to know either we are stealer of energy or donator of it, as well as to confront with stealer of energy, we shall judge our life unbias like a long story, e.g. was my father an stealer of energy? Either was I threatened by him since his reputation was in danger? Or was I imposed by my mother since she wanted to make me like her ideals? Have I commission to select more balance method with special understanding to connect with servants of God? When you find convincing answer, you may drink blessing mixed with capsule of love to the health of everyone related with you, then you will see that produced PRAANA by repetitious thoughts will be replaced by health and love PRAANA. If you can recognize the vibrations of positive PRAANA, you will know your location and friend. Finally, it results in success in your goals.


Footnotes :

1. Bio means plasmatic life, 4th state of an article which is made up of invisible article and become visible by Kirlian.


Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi



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