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Modern View on Scope of Bodies’ Energy (Aura)

I am going to narrate you a short story. Shams Tabrizi, friend of Moulana, replied to a person who asked him about age of world that it is not your business to ask about age of world, it is better for you to know your age since you shall seek your truth, instead of seek the truth of world. "Oh foolish, you are aged if there is anyone." and continued.

It is better to seek your truth, if you want to find God.

If you seek true salvation, find in yourself, firstly.

Firstly, you decode your small secret, then find the secret of God, it is the secret of self (Rule of God) that you shall not search God if you fail to search your own. We know ourselves better if we recognize our boundless identities those are quarreling with each other. You won’t waste your leisure time, if you search yourself. Instead, you will reach true prosperous. Idle talks and talkativeness may close the mind which causes faultfinding and negativism about others and can fill your mind, forever.

You try to empty your mind for presence of angles, if you fill your mind; there will be no place for divine words. You have ever focused on yourself, haven't you? You may ask is it necessary? As far as the attention produces pure energy, then this outer and inner view about energy may enter into the scope of your body.

Have you ever asked yourself, why a newborn infant is crying while nascent? Does anyone teach him how to cry?

Newborn infant needs pure energy resulted from pure attention and within vibrations of attention, the newborn infant is blossoming like a bud and cry will replaced by laugh.

When we say to focus on yourself, we mean that see the unseen not gaze at your face or organs. It shall be stated that the unseen were seen, so, why did they change? Since, we have accustomed our mind to see things. We have to focus on beyond of our senses on energies that surrounded our body, here you can see some important centers, called “Chakra” arranged next to each other. Chakras are able to absorb the cosmic energy and fill our body with force and joy. Now it is time to focus on superior truth that are waiting our view to show them, this event will result in divine rain since they spark and upon raining, the lotus of scope of our bodies’ energy will blossom out of this blessing and overtake from each other to receive more energy and love. 

Truths beyond our views are waiting to present us their pure awareness. If we focus more on our aura 1, we will see them deeper.

I asked myself about colorful aura surrounded others even around trees and flowers during my childish; I thought that everyone can see them.

Upon that event (2nd night of love) which are mentioned it in another book, extraterrestrial intelligence, I understand more secrets about auras. I was allowed to see auras of visitors. The colors and lines of auras of everyone differed from the others since their colors depend upon their thoughts and motivations. Each aura consists of information and secrets of its owner which I could receive them.

The system of spectrum and their arrangement provide me a chance to recognize their unknown identity. They were unaware of their hidden talents and I could show them another way based upon their talents and I could active their mind in direction with their goals to show their inner wants.

I conceived that people with special colorful spectrum may be consistent with colorful spectrum of others, which I will explain it, in detail. After that, I needed other ways to provide a golden chance for others to see new horizons based upon simple exercises to improve their life. I participated in different workshops such as creative incarnation, methods of Chrystal therapy of energy therapy, Saico  science and other methods for working with Chakra of body, but, I have learnt no more than before. However it encouraged me more since my new awareness provides me words to express my inward awareness. I recognized rhythmic vibrations of mine. It means auras are completely unique for everyone like his/her fingerprints. I became more hopeful to show to the incredulous people the colorful spectrum by special x-ray (Kirlian) used with creative carnation workshop.

I faced with people who never accepted the auras even in my families. Unfortunately, most of people are superficial person with limited sight. If eyes don’t focus on seeing superficial, truth invisible could be seen more. Our sight is veiled due to our ignorance. I think that inward science shall penetrate inward of nature. 

It is time for us, human being not to look at ourselves in a limited body inside our private home into our homeland with our private identity card. 

But, we, human being, shall see ourselves in different bodies 2 on the earth within different scopes of vibrations in the heaven into unlimited home.

Quantum Physics has proved that a quantum is the smallest particle of light which is invisible like atom which is the smallest particle of an article. An insightful is able to see surrounded illumination of everything and discover the positive and negative vibrations of electrical fields surrounding body of others. It is the same for our plants and universe, there is invisible veils surrounding them, which prevents us to see real truths.

Surrounding body or scope of energy consists of special layers outside our physical body and can be vibrated, differently. Based upon my spiritual experiences, I recognized that each body in their world is coverage for soul to elevate to the superior awareness for example physical body is a useful tools for living on the earth and the other body will be used for superior spiritual worlds (The higher worlds, subtler and more elegance)

While meditation and praise, we can pure ourselves by continuous generosity and evade the prejudice and interference, then we can pass from this veil to enter into real realm. Then, we will lose our sense of body and we will remove all veils and be directed with sounds into the consciousness layers of human being, these sounds are called primitive 3 sounds which linked the basis of human being with inferior vibrations and invisible lines. The saints and spiritual guides believe that the world consists of divine sound which will be revealed as praise within truth praying, and then they will guide us into invisible world. If the vibrations of our praise unite with vibration of world of sound, we will integrate with world of sound and this unity is the basis to understand the truth of existence.

We conclude that mind and body of a person may be suffered due to imbalance of surrounding sounds with his essence. Unrhythmic outer and inner sounds of a person are like harsh sound of bad music or industrial tools or false conversation which produces negative vibrations in consistent with the essence of human.





1. The aura of scope of energy is electromagnetic which is reflected by body of live creatures. The Outer Auras are spread for six meters outside of our body in the oval shapes and in different colors. Their shape and colors may be changed as per change of mental and spiritual. The spread of aura is different for different people, it may widen while praying or meditation (I understand that the aura of benevolence occupies all area of room, in special). Inner Auras: the energy inside the ethereal body is about 5 inch (1 inch equal with 2.5 cm.) outside of physical body which will become golden upon the rising of sun.


2.There are seven bodies into aura, first is physical body which is visible, second is ethereal body which  is energetic, third is affectionate body which responses to the positive vibrations via sound, fourth is mental body, fifth is spiritual body, sixth is celestial body (pure intelligence) and seventh located at beyond of time and place and is called Anami.

3. God help those who help themselves is an code for our discussion. Thirsty are seeking for water and water is waiting to be drunk by thirsty.





Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




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