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Attitude 6

A Look from Above to Our Life

Real Surrender to the Will of God Based Upon Change and 



Real Event

Creative Incarnation

"Real Surrender to the Want or Will of God Based Upon Undesirable Change and Transformation"

We are someone who we think. What is our thought about death?

I have visited Ms. Mohebi, a sad mother, among my visitors. She has lost her pretty daughter, Elham, in her wedding night, suddenly who she had no illness records, already.

Elham had a graceful manner and she was considered as a source of sciences that succeeded her in marriage with an elegant and affluent man.

They have planned to celebrate their wedding party in one of luxury hall of Tehran and it was planned to travel to abroad for 3-month honey money.

Planning looked desirable, all guests were affected by admirable and unique reception.

While lucky groom has intended to present his valuable gifts to her pretty bride, the bride closed her eyes and passed away. It is impossible to describe the status of her poor mother.

Her mother passed her time with wedding gown of her daughter round the clock. She spoke with no one after four years in such a manner that no specialists or consultants could force her to speak, even a word. Their house became like a silent cemetery. The painful memories became as her permanent imaginations, as a result, negative imaginations darkened her energy, thoroughly.

Her relatives and kin have visited her, in the beginning. They have tried to force sorrowful mother to speak in order to relieve her heart and abandon her silent world, however, finally, everyone left her alone and no one had any social intercourse with her, anymore.

Aram (her son) has left Iran to educate in England since he could not tolerate this situation, anymore. It shall be stated that he neither goes on his education there, nor succeed in business.

Really, I was sorry for Ms. Mohebi, although, I said her nothing! I looked at her, affectionately. It was apparent that her body was trembling, slightly.

The blue color which supports thyroid gland became dark and its inefficiency made her left eye in bad shape. You could see thin scattered hair and whole of main lotus of her Chakras were closed; therefore, they could not receive any energy from cosmos.

She has lost her health, beauty, vitality and freshness. It was clear that I could not condolence her, therefore, I have decided to teach her new knowledge about real nature of life and death; I did not ask her even a question.

I knew that her mind is not ready to accept any extra words. Therefore, I have tried to speak her directly.

Death is a pretty change. Death means freshness or it is so called new body. For instance, it means we throw off worn-out cloth in order to wear more comely apparel. This change is not allotted to our human being, it is allotted to our body (physical and material organs) to those have lost their abilities; therefore our soul decides to leave our body. Most human doesn’t recognize themselves from their bodies which are contrary to the common speaking among people who always speak about their soul. (I have soul, my soul is suffering).

It is better for us to know that we have no Soul since we, ourselves, are Soul.

We have body, Just God has Soul and we are soul of God, therefore, God is real owner of all Souls so we are a part of Soul of God. As a result, God shall make a decision to return the Soul of God to its own land.

If death or change from material to ether annoys us, therefore, birth or abandon from ethereal or dreamy status due to a test which needs the soul to be imprisoned in the material was of more annoying than death since death causes the soul releases from body.

To be soul or human being means change of status which happens by interrupting vital material from the organ of body. Natural death does not happen in a day since the soul shall be elevated. The elevated and evolved soul leaves the body within hours, on contrary, those souls trapped in material life will die hard.

I believe that your daughter have passed experimental status of soul in the prison of material, very well, so she was of able to leave material. However, God is aware of wisdom of birth and death.

We knew that our visible body is casing for our Soul which is made of material. Our physical body is needed for our existence in this earth. Besides our visible body we have other invisible bodies but available evidences prove their reality.

An enlightened one is of able to see other bodies. The other bodies which will cover us and they will be better casings in the name of ether.

Ether body may take ideal 1 form however it follows physical body, this body changes upon change of our minds and attitudes.

If we fill our mind with happiness, our ether body will be shined. If we involve in negative thoughts, depression, disappointments fogeyism and/or prejudice, then our ether body will be darken.

We may rely upon the Power of God and to be surrender to the divine wants of God when we encounter with events of life, we shall familiarize our minds to changes and always change to a new one. We shall live kind, pure and patient like angles. We shall pray goodness for other servants of God and assist them. If it is impossible for us to assist them, we may pray blessing and goodness for them as positive vibrations.

In such a manner, our ethereal body will become more shinny and vibrations and will take form of angles. Instantly, the vibrations of scope of energy of Ms. Mohebi has changed and she was about to ask me something, however, she never asked me anything.

How is ethereal body of my daughter, Elham?

I told her that it looks like the ethereal body of your daughter who is accompanied by other benevolent souls who receives positive vibrations from each other. It is better you know that souls are living in a family or in a group in the higher worlds. Souls are classified based upon their spiritual relationship, automatically. This unity is natural since no one covers herself with veil, therefore, everything is evident. The counter love of souls may be increased upon ascending from spiritual stairs. Past, present and future are considered of present time for souls. The Souls perceive their commissions through their senses in order to endow themselves. The commissions of higher souls are commandments for cooperation of universe and the inferior souls shall obey, merely, and if they show weakness and irresolution, they will be forced to return their Karma. The birth is not considered any status of soul means to treat like an angle or devil forever, since steps toward evolution and their obtained points upon passing among material lead them toward the higher levels.

If our fogyish mind which is moving toward its known route finds itself moving toward new route based upon acceptance the changes and ever changing for a new one, we will accept death as a new change and reality. Upon we believe in our new thought, we not only reject death as our olden enemy but also we imagine a divine meeting inside indefinite shinny body in a dreamy place where its elegance is beyond than our imagination. In fact, the birth is a difficult event for our soul since our soul have left and indefinite open space to be imprisoned into limited space in the name of body because it is considered that it shall complete its examination in order to be evolved.

If we accustom to open our hearts to the divine will, we will be open to the servants of God and we will accept any real change. Therefore, in the current world, while leaving this our body (death), all shiny souls whether our relatives or benevolent soul will accompany us, magnificently, they accompany us, affectionately and kindly, until we arrive at our new house.

Our house shall be chosen based upon our worldly customs according to our option. If we pass our life with happiness, rely upon divine will, establishment o new changes, ignorance the mistakes of our friends, patience, not to discriminate among others, we will find a new house in dreamy and utopia city full of goodness, illumination and well adjusted neighbors. Peaceful and lovely coexistence for elevation in other natures provides us to enter into superior vibrations. On contrary, if we lock our hearts with grieves, sadness and harsh treatment, we will deprive our eyes to observe elegance, as a result, in the erebus world, we will live in silent and dark city with inferior vibrations beside ill-humored neighbors and we will continue our verbosity minds or as our Holy Prophet, Mohammad peace be upon him, said we will pass our time in one of inferior wells of erebus together with unholy companions whose thoughts are musty due to oldness or frivolous or riotous souls who will irritate us until a Master help us. However, days determined by God shall be passed (sometimes it will take centuries) so that our soul will deserve help. At the beginning, Ms. Mohebi was sitting with spirit of quarreling in front of me, the lotus of her Chakras were closed and within its inferior and gray scope you could see no effort to absorb life giving PRAANA, however, I understood that the scope of her energies have broadened and the petals of lotus spread on the absorbed illuminated vibrations, slowly.

The rotations of Chakras, at the other way round, have cleaned and with rotation at its own way round have received the illuminated energies from divine cosmos. She was ready to hear, eagerly, since she was in need of more knowledge, so, I have continued that:

We shall ask ourselves: Why do we call death as afterworld travel?

Since, upon we pass days in the erebus or ethereal worlds which have been determined by God and upon our Soul to be elevated in the other world, in according to the special trainings, the ethereal body shall be left while leaving ethereal world in order to transfer to eminence world. The eminence world is prettier than ethereal world and immediately our soul will take eminence body which will be prettier than ethereal body. The soul will continue its afterlife travel in order to reach the last creation world, in the court of Almighty God; therefore, soul shall wear the cloth of that world. Period of higher world to reach to the ascending days shall take longer because of purity of them. The soul shall not wear any coverings at the highest level of purity.

Finally, all souls will be unified together with their God, and soul reaches the real prosperity2.

The face of Ms. Mohebi has glowed and lotus of seven Chakras around her body could spread themselves on the positive energies. After all, I have encouraged her to speak after four years.

As you said this world is a big joke where we consider it very seriously. "Yes, that's it."  I answered her. "This life is not first birth and this death is not last one. However, we shall pass here since here is mediatory place for our soul to be elevated and soul shall complete its experience in the earth. We shall consider it without any prejudice but lovely. We are not responsible for bad and good. We may leave its bad and good to our God."

"What about my daughter?" she asked me.

"Surely, she could pass her elevation, well, within her life so she should leave earth to start her celestial life." I answered her.

"Will she elevate?"

"Surely, she would outrun in the Court of Almighty God since her good life and celestial view in this world, however, we may account indefinite reasons which I may not refer them, anymore, but I assure you that if you feel happy, her soul may understand it, otherwise, your sadness will result in descending of her vibrations to the earth.

Earth is considered as the most inferior and difficult world for living and upper world that filled with divine love and illumination outbreaks of creation fountain, however, this illuminated waterfall may irrigate all worlds while is constantly flowing and we receive a lit bit of it in the earth, just seekers of illumination may receive more.

Ms. Mohebi has murmured that Elham was so pretty.

"The prettiness in this world is perishable, but the prettiness in the higher world will imperishable. If she thinks of prettiness, under every nature, she will become pretty. Or whatever places she wishes, she will transfer there without any limitations. The earth life is like a word from a tome. We shall not forget the tome due to a word or to be inattentive." I answered her. 

As far as we own our physical body, we and other servants of God may be blessed and we may provide happiness and peace for ourselves and others. 

In the other worlds, we will wish why we didn't tell "I love you" to the others. We will wish that we could repeat more joyful words and treat humbler. If we pass our life to tell others:" Excuse, it doesn't matter, you are right." it shall be insufficient.  We shall try not to discriminate among others and respect them, unconditionally, due to their divine soul. Poor and rich, ugly and pretty, white and black are passing this world in order to be evolved. Nothing is real in this world and whatever seems real in this world is because of our materially view to them. The only truth is the unity and friendship among humans which leads us toward evolution and it will result in lovely presence of souls in the eminence world which will form superior souls and mix knowledge, wisdom and blessing.

"May I visit you again?" Ms. Mohebi asked me.

"Surely, it makes me happy." I answered her.

She asked me to use the telephone. Later on, she talked with her husband after four silence years. Then he asked her husband to buy a roundtrip ticket to London to visit their son and bring him back.

I was gazing at the nimbus of lights around her head in colors which I could see them on the wall. Those were becoming more active and transparent, constantly. Those have transferred to a new place where I have relocated my look.

She shook my hands, affectionately, and transferred love and appreciation to me. I shook her hands, as well.

She appreciated me due to her rebirth and asked me to let her to visit me again. She understood the prettiness of life and whatever she neglected. She hastily become ready to leave me and told herself that I have lost time so I shall amend my negligence."

It became late, very soon. She said me goodbye since her husband was waiting to see her. She met me one month later to invite me for wedding of his son. They have returned from London and created a happy family. She liked to look pretty at his wedding. She was of able to pass inferior imaginations to reach better understandings from life and she felt that she needs a better imagination of life to continue it.

She sat in front of me "You instructed me nature and reality of death. Now I feel that here are other truths. How can I reach them?" she asked me.

"The truth may raise its veil for the real lover and seekers. It will never raise its veil for combative ones. She had feeling of fear which needed more knowledge." I answered her. "You shall understand main purposes of life in order to leave details." I added.

She listened to me eagerly to act according to them. Her house filled with joy and happiness and her relatives enjoyed to meet her. She realized all truths and told them to her friends and relatives and she could fascinate them. She could solve their problems and helped fogeyish trapped in lagoon of mind and presented them pool of freedom. Now, she is one of successful woman who uses techniques for better mind to live better. She tries to help persons remaining behind truth of love caravan.

As she sat in front of me I distinguished that silver line above her head (spiritual rope) of her Chakras became thicker. I remembered that the thickness of that rope was less than a hair, when I met her first time.

The more intention for benevolence, thicker Chakras will be resulted and it spills better energy toward scope of energy. Sometime, she made mistakes and asked me to do a miracle to solve the problem of others and heal them, more and more.

I notified her that imbalance and self glorification for insufficient knowledge would corrupt you. As soon as anyone trapped in self-conceit, he will help others, incorrectly which will result in corruption of soul. I have pointed that you shall try to use better energy for receiving the spiritual knowledge to people's interests, and no one shall have feeling of superiority over others.

If human uses its knowledge, incorrectly, the negative forces (non-organics) will use them to corrupt him.

We shall intend, merely, to help the universe.

I remembered the words of Master, as he told that the wisdom and magnificent of Ermiya 3 resulted from his guidance for showing them what will happen them if they make mistakes, not resulted from his advise to them to treat according divine act, in order to be awarded or punished.


Footnotes :

1. Forming nature

2. It is impossible to mention the ascending of soul to the spiritual levels at the superior world, in detail, I will mention it more with other books.

3. One of four prophets of the Israelites




Oh My God!

Help me to be covered by your illuminated cover.

And take rest in the arms of lotus

For love in the intoxicating odour

In this untraceable land

In this eternal holy cradle

I am going to sing for love.





To breeze in accordance with the rhythmical pulse of God

I believed in delighted

And smell of calm living

To being in time delightfully

Dropping the frost of silence

Along with rhythm of aloes wood of tar

Lovely lotus are praising you

And me…. I attune the tars of my poem

Let your will to be flown in the life

My worshipped

I am lullaby of birth and death cradle

And I worship you, just you



Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi





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Part three



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