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Attitude Five

(Creative Incarnation)

The message of synchronized events together with methods for utilizing the synchronized events of dreams and daily experiences to reach our truth and understand our earthy mission (Intuition)

Methods for Solving the Problem through Trust in Dreams

One of my methods for solving the problems is that I trust in my dreams, now, I am going to narrate some of my experiences as follows:

1. I stretch myself on the bed and try to release my body.

2. I try to purify my infected mind from daily avocation (Rest of Mind) however I try to be intelligent.

3. I murmur my desires and aspiration and focus on my third eye

4. I try to praise… suddenly my mind purifies from all thinking other than God

5. Finally, I leave myself to my spiritual Master in order to assist me.

At a night, upon meditation and praise, I intended to get the answer of the question which I have asked myself upon reading the book “Step by Step to Meet the God”1 I have seen a garden in green trees, there was an Imaret with great balconies.

I was turning round myself on a stony platform with four steps. I worn a pleated petticoat, It became round and open upon turning round and my woven hair was flying in the air, all women turning around me have worn the same pleated petticoat, there was a magnificent face with a sharp-sighted eyes opposed me and turning to the face caused the evaporation of me, I evaporated like the sea water I went to the higher level where I cannot explain.

I saw a face inside the light due to my understanding from “Step by Step to Meet the God”1.  I recognized him as Shams Tabrizi, It made me full of delightfulness.

Shams Tabrizi told me “You should continue to turn.” I did not intend to descend from higher level and I did like either to turn or to stay there. I was cautious, however, I have heard that he told me: "your life did not start with your birth and it won't finished with the death". I asked him, “What shall I do?”

He has instructed: “Solitude, living in solitude” I was looking the room with open eyes; I think I have experienced an awakening dream. After I woke up, I thought of my dream in privacy.

At the same night, I desired to see the chamber of Salaheddin Zarkoub 2 in which Moulana and Shams Tabrizi were secluding there for forty days, and then I lie down in bed.

Immediately, I have entered into a space in which there were full of cushion 3 all around the room. The native of Tabriz call it Tanabi, I have seen the magnificent presence of three persons who have inclined on the sofa. I have recognized Shams Tabrizi since I had seen him already last night, I asked him: "Oh, Shams I know that I have praised and I have asked you and I know that I am awake, You were two persons in the chamber ( I read it in the book) why do I see you as three persons?"

He has answered me, smilingly and humbly: “My dear you have swept your home for forty one days when you were a kid in order to see Khezr Prophet.” Then he pointed to the third person. Suddenly, I have drowned upon I saw his eyes, there were full of water, blue water as limpidity as tears, I murmured oh watery….

I have seen a beautiful ship. He sailed the rudder of a ship. I was inside both the water and ship.

He has stated me: “Whenever, I am responsible for you, your spirit and mind, you don’t afraid to be on the sea or on the beach, be hungry or full, poor or rich.”

I told him: "My Master, tell me what shall I do, which way is the correct one?"

He stated that: “You shall leave everything, in particular, fear! I felt that his hand shook mine and then I disappeared.

I appeared again, I was in different place, and there was the yard of house of Salaheddin Zarkoub.

Master Shams instructed me: “Dance Sama! Turn! Reach! Hurry up! I thought that my cloth does not suit with the situation and if I turn, I afraid of showing my naked feet. I have blushed out of modesty. But, I looked at myself, I have worn too many colorful and painted silk however I felt nothing since they were light, I put my hands on my ears due to roar of birds and running water, I was inside my room, there was no noise but I could hear the sound of Master Shams Tabrizi, who told me turn conditionally, you shall reach God without any condition. Suddenly, I woke up and sat in my bed, I gone toward library to choose a book then return to my bed, again. 

It was "Shams Tabrizi" written by Mr. Mohammad Ali Movahed 1. I opened the book; he has stated that the tomb of Shams Tabrizi located either at Konia or at old cemetery of Khoy (one of city of western Azerbaijan). I intended to discover it and then I praised, immediately, I felt freedom.

The house of my father was in the Tabriz, I attracted toward a room opposed to the yard, I saw Master Shams Tabrizi who was praying in two pieces white dress (like pilgrim’s grab) exposed to the Kiblah. Kiblah opposed to the corner of room where two walls meet each other. I stood in front of Master Shams Tabrizi behind corner of room and I ashamed if I have entered into his place of worship.

I have asked: “My Master, what shall I do, where shall I go, Konia or Khoy?

He told me: “You just move with your scrap Pekyan. The radiance of smile painted my face.

I returned to room, but I felt the same radiance, there was book on my hand, the writer absorbed me.I dialed the number of publication in order to inquiry about Master Mohammad Ali Movahed.He is one of outstanding contemporary writers, he is a fellow citizen of mine (a native from Tabriz).

Fortunately, he has welcomed me humbly. I have told him my experiences and dreams and then asked him astonishingly: “I am going to write, please instruct me how to write, from where shall I start? From who shall I write? what shall I write?” He has stated me: “You write about yourself, the others have been written, a lot. I have written Extraterrestrial Intelligence, briefly, as advised by great Master.

In next attitudes, I will write about the truth which absorbed me in order to share with you its sweet and positive vibrations resulted from new and modern view to the life. I trust in Almighty God.

We don’t need any more eyes in order to see the unseen events, we, merely, shall experience new view. If we are going to discover the synchronized dreams with daily experiences, we have to review them upon we wake up and take a note, then we have to focus on the highlighted images on our mind and we shall ask the Master of Dream in order to interpret them for us. The repetition of a dream means it contains an important message relevant to the synchronized events in the real life and if we attention more, we may discover it. We almost may prevent financial loss of property and life if we understand the message of a dream. Let us, gratitude our dream, even the foolish and absurd ones. If we take a note, we will understand their message, later on. Then, we will know that we can make our life better and more fruitful upon evaluation their synchronized events with our dreams. 

The hazardous problem may hurt us by invaders to our dreams and they may cause us to be affected with mental disorders and diseases with their curse, exorcise, or hostility in the world of dream. We shall not forget that if we trust in God, no curse, exorcise or praise may influence our life. Therefore, we shall do exercise in order to observe our Creator, more sweet than ever. We shall not afraid of anyone since He is all we have and He is eternal.

Points for Primary Awareness

We shall prevent from presence in the places where devil elements 1 penetrates into the our body such as places where people drink so much alcohol or use narcotic since in such places there are too many NTT 2 in the air which can enter into the aura around you, as a result, when you lie down in the bed you, they lead you to focus on Overindulgence id which will cause you to descend to the inferior level and causes your chronic depression, unhappiness, lack of financial abundance, and even backache.

The usage of semi-precious stones such as agate… (we shall recognize and utilize it well as per the color of aura  and scope of energy) shall be of useful which will be referred later on in the Chakra Section (Attitude 12)

We shall not be neurotic about our social and family relations to prevent others to turn into our enemy. You deny condemning others and share the love among your kin, equally. When you lie down in the bed, both positive and negative spirits makes your dreams. If we habit to rely on God with munificence and self-sacrifice mentality and live in peace of mind, then, pure spirits will take care of our dreams. If anger, envy, and jealously having control over us, the dark spirits will govern on us since we have authorized them to control over us. The enemies having control over us through curse, exorcise, or hostility upon invading the limitation our auras during the dreams and they have authority to force us to commit suicide and we may live in dark worlds for a long time.

We shall value the dreams of children so that they can tell us their dreams and having control over their fears. One of their problems is that they afraid of monsters since monsters chase them. If we fail to help them not to afraid of them, they will make the road for reaching the house even more terrible and longer when they become adult and even after death.

Many of visionist such as Mohammad Prophet, Moses Prophet, Lenin, Alexander the Great, Churchill, Napoleon, Socrates, Sheikh Shahabeddin Sohrevardi have blossomed their desires and thoughts since their childhood in their dreams and they nurture them in the awakening world upon reach special positions and they could attract the attention of public minds.

Due to significance of the matter during the history, the fruitful researches have been done and improved that human being sometimes during sleeping and awakening at the time of awareness may build mental Alpha lines in the right hemisphere which calls YIN energy, therefore, they can reach the truth and strengthen their capabilities.

During past days, within night and day, I could work for twenty hours and I just sleep for four hours but I could save energy within four hours upon using useful mental tools even I could complete the semi-finished works during sleeping. Please take it seriously that the creative currents are running inside all human being and we can receive our message during our awakening dream.






1. It is written by Mr. Abdolhossein Zarrinkoub

2.Step by step to meet the God written by Mr. Abdolhossein Zarrinkoub

3. A kind of traditional cushion covered with carpe

4.A contemporary Iranian writer and Attorney

5.NTT= A kind of Jinn= Non-Organic

6.Negative Intelligent Atoms





Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




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