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Neda was so bewildered in the street and everyone pushed her out of the way. She didn’t care what happened. It didn’t matter for her where to go except their home. She found herself inside Ms. Mehrani office, suddenly. There were some dandy girls on the chairs. Ms. Mehrani didn’t understand her presence since she admired them and explained about work inside Mr. Naseri’s house. Neda understood everything, immediately; however, she could not resist against her and listened her carefully. Ms. Mehrani welcomed her and suggested her to entertain guests of a party for an affluent man, since they need tall and pretty girls to welcome their guests who would be paid well.

Neda ran out of money and accept her suggestion. It didn’t matter what will happen her. She asked address and told herself that I would go everywhere other than our home. There were full of externally men and women in sexy dress and seeking pleasure, shamelessly, however, they thought that they are so high-class.

They guided her into a room full of men smoked opium.  Two men stood up and invited her to smoke with them, but she didn’t understand anything. They forced her to drink liquor and she coughed due to fumes and didn’t feel well and it made others to laugh at her. She was not of able to control herself, she got dizzy and she didn’t remember anything, later on. 

Mobed have called her next days and asked her to meet his friends, however, she didn’t accept his suggestions. Hossein called her and threaten that if she refuses to have immoral relations with him, he will tell her secrets to her parents. Once he forced her inside a locked car to complaint against Mr. Naseri and accuse him of assaulting in order to force him to marry with her. He wanted to force her to get money of Mr. Naseri and leave Iran with him. Neda became silent and she said him nothing since he became mad and shouted on her that he would kill her, if she fails to do it. He left there for Police Station and threatened her, then, he stopped in front of a Police Station and locked the door, after that, he returned with a police and delivered her. The Police asked Mobed to accompany them since he complaint against her. First of all, he resisted but he was forced to be investigated.

Neda understood that Hossein Complained against him and claimed that he got on his car or called him, repeatedly. While investigation, Neda said them nothing, the working hours have passed and they were detained. Neda refrained to go inside detention house and cried that “my parents worry about me, I shall return home. He lies on you.” The officers have called her home and told them address of police station. Hossein found chances to look at her and threatened her to complain against Mr. Naseri.

They have taken her to the detention house inside a dark and cold room. She was crying and afraid of his father to be informed of her secrets. She prayed God to help her since he knew that her father would kill her, surely. 

After a while, she felt the presence of a woman on the corner. Neda felt peace and absorbed toward her and greeted with her. That woman asked her to sit next her and asked her anxiety. Neda would like to know the reason of her presence, over there. That woman explained that she is there because of misunderstanding which will be removed. Neda wanted to know her job and the reason of her peace. 

That woman replied: “I am a family counselor. I encountered with a problem and I am sure that it will be solved. Besides, I believe in blessing of God. We shall consider our entanglements as a symbol of divine wisdom. If we understand the message of God, our entanglement will be removed. Now, you can tell me the reason of your attachment, I can help you.”

After that, she narrated her story within past six months and asked her for help. She told that her parents would kill her next morning inside prosecutor’s office.

Ms. Counselor replied her not to worry and rely upon the blessing of God since she has lost her belief in God and asked others, who lack humanity, for her living costs. In case she relies on God, she will never observe her meanness. She was about to fall and reach nowhere.

“The current entanglement conceals a message which shall be revealed otherwise God won’t help you to be relieved.” She added. “Think well and make good decisions. You shall tell the truth, God will protect you and punish Ms. Mehrani.”

Her spirit contaminated despite her age and she was trembling. Ms. Counselor tried to keep her warm. She spoken in delirium, repeatedly: “Please, force one of them to marry with me and I get rid of my problems.”

The morning reached. Ms. Counselor promised Neda to help her and asked her to seek the blessing of God for her problems and not to worry since God aware of her ignorance and He will excuse her. Suddenly, officer called her.

Inside prosecutor’s office were full of those who have been prosecuted for a reason. Neda have seen Hossein who arrived at her with officers. However, they didn’t arrive there but she has seen her parents and became worry. Suddenly, Hossein have attacked her due to insanity and shouted on her why she refrain to tell them his words then he pushed her which made her to fell down and fainted because of bonk.

Officers have arrested Hossein and put handcuffs on him and transferred him to the hospital. Her mother fell down due to anxiety so she has transferred by Ambulance to the hospital.

Upon investigation, it became known that government of Germany have deported Hossein after five years since he had bad behaviors and they found medical files of him for his mental disorders.  Physicians diagnosed that he should be hospitalized in mental hospital to be healed. Neda recovered the same day but she remembered nothing. Physicians asked officers to wait more to let her to be conscious, so case wasn’t closed since the claimed parties were not conscious. Ms. Counselor have released upon first investigation. Then, she started to know more about Ms. Mehrani's office who deceives the poor girls for lewd men to find money. Ms. Mehrani found poor and innocent girls and take advantage of their unawareness. Ms. Mehrani  made her decision to promote the scope of her job until Dubai, where full of lewd men. She could find poor girls in Iran and deceive them for finding better life in Dubai.

Ms. Counselor has decided to take vengeance of Neda and others. Therefore, she asked police to help her. Investigation team has been commissioned by Mohabat Major, Head of region-1 to investigate the same case.









Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




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Part two

Part three

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Part three-2

Part three-4

Part three-5

Part three-6




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