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Negar fainted more and more. She went to the hospital to visit her sister, however, Neda didn’t recognize her, therefore, she returned home and sat by the side of window. Vahid looked at her, amazingly and wanted to know the reason of her grief. Vahid felt bad upon he looked her innocent eyes. Therefore, he decided to follow her.

Vahid have followed her until she reached to her work. Negar knocked the door of house of Mr. R. which surprised Vahid since she stood in front of a luxury house. Vahid knew that they have no affluent relatives, suddenly, he has seen an expensive car in front of that house and a servant opened the gate, at the same time, Vahid entered the house inside darkness. He has seen a big garden and a building constructed thereon. Vahid concealed himself among trees. He found a window toward reception hall where he could see feasting and drinking party. Negar entertained them with sexy cloth. There were full of guests. Vahid asked himself why Negar entertains them.

He saw a waiter who carried barbecue skewers. So, Vahid concealed himself somewhere. He was so bewildered.

Mr. R. attracted to Negar, already but she has lost her appeal for him, so he asked Neda to entertain his guests and repeated again: "go there, that engineer likes you", but Negar refused to do it. She seemed lamblike however she was so fidgety, completely. She hated that old engineer and promised herself that she would commit suicide to gotten rid of himself, while she worried about her poor sister, Neda.

Negar didn’t see that Mr. Engineer dissolved a pill in the water then he tried to hug her and Mr. R. told Neda that Mr. Engineer is one of the city’s dignitaries, you should be proud of yourself that he liked you, suddenly, Negar became crazy and clawed him and shouted”leave me alone”,  but that old man pushed her and released.

Negar threw up and rose again to attack him. He hits bottle of liquor on her head. Negar fainted and fell down in the middle of room. There were full of smell of opium, liquor and blood. 

Vahid shuddered with anxiety and was not of able to move, however, he tried to rise but did not tolerate anymore. He ran toward the door and opened it. 

He attacked to the guests. Suddenly, he felt the critical conditions of Negar. She was bloody and fainted.  Vahid raised Negar and cursed them. He threaten them that he would inform police and upon he tried to move, that old man attacked him and hit him, Vahid fell down and fainted.











Celestial Thoughts written by Ms. Azizeh Pourhassan Talari,

translated in English by Ms. Roya Majidi




Part one

Part two

Part three

Part three-1

Part three-2

Part three-3

Part three-5

Part three-6




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