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Cluster Galaxies

The soul of substance was the only rider of the horses

The horse was clarifying a secret about this issue 1

They made a formation of force, that they made a mold of power2

The atom gives a form of itself from the whole3, although knowledge is an essence which belongs to God

The challenge of atom is another secret issue 4

They found atoms in quantum5 and solve it intelligently

Shams and Moula were aware of secrets of atoms 6 and they reveal her secret

Kepler and Galilei were also aware 7; they became devoted secrets of God

God’s aim are flowing, the secret of universe and the secret of human, it is very great

He has built a corridor from kindness; he has put the elbows on shoulders

Seven worshipers with celestial8 bodies, servants of the other place

Clusters of crystal galaxies9, there is an abundance of unity till happiness

The form of entities is a manifest of His nature, the unity of form and structure is really great 10

The form and structure have grown old necessarily, but a young soul has given to it by celestial world 11

Whatever body divides from ages, the soul gets younger like the spring 12


1. Carlos Castaneda, the author of mystical novels says

Horse=force=force=The soul of substance=substance=atom

2. There is a quantum nature in the force (Dynasim) a primitive force and energy that make the moving of the atom belongs to God and the nature move of atom is according to God’s will, dependent move is special for the personal soul.

3. God’s will make the move of the atom.

4. The nature of move belongs to God and atom has dependent move

5. Quantum

6. Two spiritual men of 7th Hejri Century

7. Two great Astrologists in 17th Century

8. Celestial Chakra in physical bodies

9. Cluster galaxies

10. Divine soul which lies on every personal soul in the form of God have will and reach the unity when it is balanced.

11. Entropy= disorder in atoms of a system that leads to destroying (in quantum means getting old by the ages)

12. Equal Entropy is Negentropy that the human soul obeys the Negentropy law (it means that it gets younger and have more energy by the ages.)

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