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Clean Earth World Day

Clean Earth World Day celebrated on 22nd of April coincide with 2nd of Ordibehesht, for a period of one week; However, Zoroastrian Calendar named 3rd of Ordibehesht as Ordibeshtgan or Golestan.

An inhabitant of the Earth feels lucky when he considers the Earth as prostration place and he tries to create the praising moment around himself, constantly. When we create praising moment on the kind Earth, it doesn't mean that you shall stay on kowtow but it means that we shall regard the Earth with reverence, continuously.

All inhabitants of the Earth shall maintain four elements including wind, fire, water and soil since the mentioned four elements provide us the living circumstances. We will know our world, on condition that, we purify our thoughts. Whenever we purify the pollution of our minds and transform the negativism to optimism, it can awaken humanitarianism in the Human Beings. Upon we learn the mind technology; we will learn to feel lucky upon creation Peace on the Earth whether the Earth is desirable or not, whether we follow our goals or not.

The Earth can be possession of all Human Beings who shall try to disregard the errors of others and not to believe in racism. Human Beings shall do their best endeavors be without any prejudice and endless faultfinding in order to reach their originality. Since inhabitants of the Earth have a common choice to live in the Earth. I would like to ask you if we insist on destruction the Earth, is it possible our ungrateful souls live in somewhere else? If we destroy the Earth, will another planet never accept us, warmly?!

We imagine that another burning Planet accepts us to live in there. After that, we shall cover ourselves with fire and experience the real grin and bear. Therefore, we have not to repeat "I grin and bear" and we have try to maintain the environment, nature and ecology and security of our planet. First of all, we shall be kind and understand our Earth. We shall bless the Earth and its inhabitants, sincerely, and present it our love. We shall try to find out the goodness out good and bad and either ignore bad or heal it, lovely.

It is well to know that the Swedish have a holy custom; Sweden is considered as one of best places for immigrants. All Swedish shall take off a trash from the street, every day, and they believe that whenever we take off a trash, we will never throw away any trash on the Earth.

I wish that we can build the promising Paradise on the Earth.

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