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A model for World Day of Health

A model for World Day of Health

Thought travels to enamation and in fact, in other words it is origin of movements.

I suggest to clear our thoughts in the World Day of Health and purify our minds as creator of good and bad thoughts (angle and evil) and replace bad thoughts such as pesimism, hate, arrogation,dishonor,abuse, hostility and prejudice of mind with good thoughts like benevolence, optimism, unconditional love,honor, kindness, peace with heart and with world.

Let's to prune trees of garden of our thoughts and then present good thoughts to the world in order to be fruitful, a sweet fruit called earthy life. We shall prevent thoughts in contrary with our elevated goal.

O thou my companion in the Earth!

Now, you create your thoughts not with a musical instrument but with the tenderest thythm of your feelings and sing the happiness song for lovely living in the shadow of peace that surrounded the Earth from your benevolence and take my hand while angle look at us. I would like you to understand here is a place to develop and we shall move toward a holy place, eagerly.

Which one of I you God is manifested?

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